After figuring out some of the basic web’s editing skills as my side bar links indicate, I am now finally a part of this massive, narcissistic, self-indulgent enterprise called blogging.

The first order of business is to establish some introductory matters with you, the reader. Allow me to attempt to answer 3 basic questions:

1. Who are you?

My name is Fred E. Butler the 4th. That’s right, I am the fourth Fred Butler in the line of Fred Butlers. I always thought the title had a royal ring to it. Like a king or something.

I am originally from southern Missouri, where I spent a good deal of my formative, growing-up years, as well as North Central Arkansas, where after I located there with my family in the 10th grade, I finished up my high school and college years.

I was raised in a moderately religious home. When I lived in Missouri, we attended an United Methodist Church. I can’t say I truly learned anything about God in that place. In fact, my sixth grade Sunday school teacher wrote teenage romance novels as a hobby – and she was quite good at it, too, from what I understand.

Upon arriving in Arkansas, I began attending the Allen Chapel Free Will Baptist Church. Thankfully, the folk’s there were much more serious about God and His Word than those at the Methodist Church. I did learn something about the gospel, but they are like many of the typical “Baptist” Churches in the U.S.: a lot of good content, but not necessarily a lot of depth.

When I attended college at Arkansas State University, God was pleased to save me by applying the saving merits of Christ’s death to my account. That was the last week of my freshman year and I have been serving the Lord ever since.

When I graduated way back in December 91′, I desired to pursue a theological education and I was allowed to enroll at the Master’s Seminary. Along with attending Master’s, I became a member at Grace Community Church and began working part time at Grace to You radio ministries. I graduated in the fall of 99′ with a Master’s of Divinity and a willingness to pastor, teach and preach. However, God has me currently serving the faithful volunteers who visit Grace to You radio ministries twice a week to help serve our many, many supporters who request tapes, books and other resources.

In 2000, God blessed me with a lovely gal named Brenda Clodfelter, who became my wife in July of that year. We now have three lively boys, Caleb, Joshua, and Noah, and two little gals, Eliana and Sallie.

I am an unashamed, 5 point Calvinist, though I consider myself a warm-hearted Calvinist. In fact, I will go as far as to say I am a supralapsarian Calvinist for those in the theological “know” about lapsarian positions. I believe the Bible is God’s inscripturated revelation to mankind and is infallible, inerrant, and most importantly, totally sufficient for directing Christian believers in all areas of their life.

I also have a website called Fred’s Bible Talk, where a person can read some of my other published theological articles and essays, as well as listen to audio files of the devotions I give to my volunteers.

2. What’s with the name of your blog?

One of my favorite OT statements as translated in the KJV is Judges 15:8 where the Bible says Samson smote the Philistines hip and thigh with a great slaughter. The idea with the expression “hip and thigh” is to describe the sheer ruthlessness by which Samson smote his enemies. I thought “hip and thigh” would be a clever name and it basically expresses how the “theological Philistines” of the evangelical (and non-evangelical) world will be treated here.

Now, my intention is not be a raging mad-man who is irrationally flaming any and all theology I happened to disagree with, but it is to deal ruthlessly with those theologies, ideologies, and worldviews that set themselves up against the authority of God’s Word. In a manner of speaking, much of what I hope to do here is somewhat apologetic in nature, but with the hope to accurately, and without compromise, defend God’s Word against those who stand opposed to it and bring it to bear upon our world.

3. Do you have any specific goals with your blog?

Like I wrote near the end of number 2 above, this blog will be apologetic in nature. However, that is not my sole goal. I have opinions about nearly every thing I see and read and that includes the non-religious, as well as the religious. I also love to laugh and have fun. Do not be alarmed if I link to something totally goofy and mundane. I don’t plan to write long winded entries every time, but if a subject grabs my attention and stirs passion in my heart, I may write a lot. Primarily I want to share with others what I have learned, how I see the world and entertain folks with my wit, or what little I have. Like I stated at the outset, blogging is essentially shameless self promotion and narcissistic indulgence. I will probably indulge a bunch.

I will start with those three as a good introductory primer. I am sure more of who I am will surface as time goes along. With that in mind, let us begin the ruthless slaughter of every argument that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, both hip and thigh.

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