Loose Ends

These have been busy days this past week. My wife and I went to Solvang, CA, this past Tuesday and Wednesday to visit with some friends. For those of you not in the know about Solvang, it is a Danish community about two and half hours north of LA. You have to drive up the 101 along the Pacific Ocean, through Santa Barbara, past Ostrich Land, and up into the area where Michael Jackson built his Neverland Ranch.

There are lots of Danish style buildings, some windmills, lots of monuments to Hans Christian Anderson, and plenty of places selling liver, onions and red potatoes. I didn’t see anyone wearing wooden shoes, but now that I think about it, I believe you find wooden shoes in Holland. I was hoping to find some Mohammed cartoon tee-shirts, but we didn’t have time to look around too much.

Meanwhile, Grace to You (where I work) is busily mailing out the New American Standard edition of the John MacArthur Study Bible. We estimate 35,000 people will request a free Bible from us during the months of June and July.

Those two things are keeping me from blogging these past few days. I hope to pick it up next week. I have plenty of interesting things to hit on when I get a chance to compose them to paper.

My friend Will just added a couple of new Bible talks to FBT. One of the latest two I did address the Intelligent Designmovement. I have a forth coming message critiquing the ID movement. I appreciate what the ID folks are attempting to do, but their overall movement has some serious deficiencies I discuss. A lot of my thinking was helped along by an article critiquing ID written by biblical creationist Dr. Carl Wieland. I would recommend anyone printing it out and giving it a read. I may talk about it in more detail later.

Also, Big Orange Truck has some spot on comments about the whole Baptist “soul winning” I was raised on. He and I think alike on the subject. Look at these two articles here and here. His comments have raised some thoughts in my mind and I am thinking up some future blogs about my college evangelism days. For me, as I noted on the comment page under one of his posts, evangelism was defined as 2 hours of aimless wondering around on a Tuesday evening hoping to find someone we could recite our EE presentation to. Generally, we would wind up at a laundry mat hassling some poor person about where he or she attended church. It was terrible.

Anyhow, I look forward to next week

6 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. The Day I heard that the study Bible was coming out in NASB, there was much rejoicing for days afterwards (and still is).I never bought a NKJV version because I was praying and waiting and hoping that it’d come out in NAS because I knew Dr. MacArthur was a huge NAS fan (as am I).

  2. D.J.We offered it for free to those on our mailing list. We anticipate giving away about 35,000 Bibles. Thankfully, the donors are generious and help underwrite the cost. We just believe John’s study Bible is such an outstanding source we want people to have it.

  3. D.J.Nah, I don’t forsee an ESV edition coming out any time soon. We were thankful to have the opportunity to just use the NASB translation. There was thought for a while that there would never be a Mac Study Bible in the NASB because of the stringent copyright restrictions Lockman places on their translation. Some how, Thomas Nelson got a sweet deal. The study notes have been re-written as well to fit the text, so John had opportunity to go back, punch up his material, clarify thoughts and make this edition a tad better. Fred

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