Death and Taxes

So yesterday, after I blogged about the downfall of Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind, a commenter left a comment under a previous post I wrote at the beginning of Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind’s legal troubles back in the fall of 2006.
This is what was written:

Fred, it isn’t the “government’s money” it is the hard-working person’s money, which is why our forefathers were against a federal taxation system. It was not until the early 1900s when the government began to get into serious debt, through irresponsibility, that the Federal Reserve was formed and soon the IRS. In order to try to pay back THEIR debt they enslaved the American worker and started the federal taxation system, which has done nothing but increase the amount of taxes as the Nation Debt has increased. Our forefathers were against American citizens paying taxes unless they lived and/or worked within the Federal jurisdiction known as Washington, D.C. The federal taxation system in this country has enslaved the American worker and it directly affects the economy, even more so now that taxes are on the rise and jobs are on the decline. It’s important to check the real history of our nation. Things have not always been as they are today and were not originally intended to be this way.

O.K., let us assume a moment that all this background history is correct. I’ll be honest and say up front I am a bit in the dark when it comes to the history of the IRS and federal taxes. Let us say it is true the federal government has been enslaving hardworking Americans for many years now with a phony tax system. So, what? How is a Christian to respond to all this enslaving?

Let me offer up some thoughts in response:

It isn’t the governments money? I beg to differ. Al Capone thought this way. Now, I am in no way defending the dilapidated and corrupt tax system of the United States government, however, the federal government has enacted laws that makes it THEIR money. In addition, they have the authority to use force, usually displayed by messing up people’s personal lives like Dr. Dino, in order to get THEIR money. It does not matter how corrupt the system is or how unfair and unjust. We as Christians, according to scripture, are to render unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar even if Caesar squanders his money on 600 million dollar bridges to no where.

I also notice that those individuals, whether Christians or not, who like to appeal to how the “Founding Fathers” set things up and invoke tax principles that applied to a small, agrarian society 200 plus years ago, are individuals who tend to have a problem with authority in general. In reference to the Christians who are like this, they take the “priesthood of the individual believer” and “the independent autonomy of the local church” just a tad too far into unbiblical extremes, so that they delude themselves into thinking they are beholden to no one except “King Jesus.” This mentality is a key reason independent fundamentalists get into trouble with the law and split churches. But let us remember that it is “King Jesus” who has ordained various authorities whether they be personal or governmental, good or bad (1 Peter 2:13-25); and when a person foolishly opposes some unfavored tax law, or even the reproof of the local pastor, the person is rebelling against “King Jesus” and He will judge his treason.

These are also the folks, for the most part, who have a low view of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of the world. As a result of this fallacious belief, they like to entertain conspiracy theories to explain all the ills that happen in the world. International bankers are to blame for the tax system in the U.S., or something along those lines. See my Tin-foil hat theology series for more detail.

Now, to the commenter’s credit, the person did conclude the comment by saying Dr. Dino is guilty and deserves what he is getting. That I was happy to read. But, I am concerned way too many fine folks are going to find themselves in a world of hurt if they make misguided ideas about tax philosophy the standard by which they function in society.


5 thoughts on “Death and Taxes

  1. I agree with most of what you say. Just this morning I read where Christ commands us to render to Caesar the things that are his… The Bible indeed does say to pay your taxes.What I disagree with is the idea that those who wish for more “Original Intent” philosophy to govern the nation are people who have trouble with authority.I personally do wish we were closer to the ideals of federalism, limited government, Bill of Rights, revival of the 10th Amendment, etc.BUT–there is a Constitutional Amendment allowing the collection of Income Tax (the 16th). The only way to change the situation is through the democratic process. But that doesn’t seem to be on the horizon anytime soon.SO… Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go…For the Tax Man Cometh–And we should all pay our due, with the Joy of Christ.JRush

  2. Isn’t that show “24” full of conspiracy? I get the feeling after watching “24” if we leave Iraq that my children are going to be reading the Koran 23hrs a day, my wife will be in a burkah, and I’ll be a Eunic in a harem, HA!

  3. What I disagree with is the idea that those who wish for more “Original Intent” philosophy to govern the nation are people who have trouble with authority.(Fred) John, I would probably agree with you. I was speaking more in generalities, so sure I believe there are folks who are “original intent,” like myself, who honor governmental authority. I would even go further and say I am more of a states rights guy and believe the south was right, even though I deplore their institutional slavery. However, that being stated, I have encountered way too many individuals, particularly independent fundies, who harbor rebelliousness toward the federal government even to the point of suggesting we as Christians are in our God given right to disobey certain laws and obligations. Kent Hovind is a clear, public example of this mentality who happened to get slammed. Where I think we can really see this rebellious attitude is how a person responds to his church authorities, pastors, elders and other church leaders. They don’t agree with how the church leadership has set up such and such whatever, and the person believes they can rebel against what the church asks of him as a member and go so far as to spread discord in the congregation.These attitudes come from a sinful heart and needs to be dealt with. Fred

  4. However…I have encountered way too many individuals…who harbor rebelliousness toward the federal government even to the point of suggesting we as Christians are in our God given right to disobey certain laws…These attitudes come from a sinful heart and needs to be dealt with.Yep. Ditto.JRush

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