Big Honking Whale Sharks

Why are these sorts of things in other countries? Can’t we have something cool like this in Santa Clarita, or maybe Little Rock, Arkansas? Come on now, this has Bass Pro Shop written all over it.

I never thought about it, but from the top, a whale shark looks a lot like a giant catfish.


4 thoughts on “Big Honking Whale Sharks

  1. You are right about the giant catfish thing man.I was talking with some people that go scuba-diving on a regular basis, and they’ve heard reports of people going to these places with dams and seeing catfish that feed off the algae that collects at the exit point. They say that most people who have gone down there, don’t usually go back because of how big the fish are.I think I can see why now.

  2. oh and by the way…I’m going to be in LA and at Grace Church the weekend of May 5th. If you’re around I’d like to meet up. My Dad, sister (JoAnna) and a couple of the kids are going to be there as well.Cheers-Frank

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