Canadian Bloggers, Eh

I recently had the privilege of meeting two fine bloggers, Neil Shay and his lovely wife Kim. They were from all places, Canada. You know the Great White North.

Neil goes by the blogger moniker “bugblaster.” I am not sure of that nickname except to say maybe he’s really into bugs, or maybe an exterminator by trade. His wife just goes by her normal name. She seems to be the more thoughtful, serious blogger, but I haven’t read them long enough to make a fixed determination on that opinion.

If I am not mistaken, this was their first time in Southern California. I understand they returned home from a warm 75-80 degrees to a brisk -21 degrees and snow. Canada, eh. Kim has written of their adventures here in L.A.

I, myself, have been to Canada twice. When I was on a church sponsored mission trip to the Detroit area, we took a trip over to Windsor. Once we crossed over the big bridge into Canada, a feeling of isolation rolled over me. Here I was in an entirely new country for the first time and the U.S. – my home country – was directly south of me. Of course, that feeling of separation and isolation left me once I was informed that Windsor is really SOUTH of Detroit. Being in Canada didn’t seem as thrilling anymore.

Later, on another mission trip to New York state, we crossed over into Canada and drove to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. I just remember how the Canadian border patrol confiscated our fruit.

I picked up some Canadian money on both trips which I have to this day. Rather than the images of famous, dead presidents (or in this case, prime ministers), Canadian money has pictures of old ladies and water fowl printed on them.

I am aware of some famous Canadians:

I have to say my wife and I were delighted to meet the Shays. I only spoke with them for about 12-15 minutes after church until Phil and Darlene whisked them away to Universal City Walk to show them a sidewalk fountain. It would had been a joy to have visited with them longer.

We also talked about other Canadian bloggers. Two of my absolute favorites are Daniel and Scott McClare, both of whom I would love to meet personally some day the Lord willing. Of course I dropped their names on the Shays as if all Canadians know each other well and hang out all the time, but I guess they live hundreds of miles from each other.

Hey, its Canada, I just figured everyone knew each other from the hockey games.


15 thoughts on “Canadian Bloggers, Eh

  1. Ah, you’ve made me all nostalgic here Fred with your picture of Geddy Lee and his cronies. They’re old men now. My brother played Rush ad nauseum in his bedroom when I was a teenager.As for the woman in you selection of famous Canadians, if the Americans want her you can have her. I find her extremely irritating. She’s a savvy business woman, but you can have her anyway.We do have money with dead Prime Ministers on them. The $5 bill has a picture of Sir Wilfrid Laurier on it.I’m thankful that our government in their wisdom doesn’t feel it necessary to put Wayne Gretzky on any money any time soon.And it was fun meeting you, too! I’m still laughing about when you asked me if I was the woman with seven children who is always in trouble.

  2. Kim,Ain’t Rush like the coolest band ever! I was taking my oldest boy to Cubbies a couple of weeks ago and we were singing “The Body Electric” from “Grace Under Pressure” all the way to church. Tell your brother he has some good taste in music.I think I was confusing Carla, the Tulip Girl, and that Ingrid gal who is always seeing sinister motives in such things as Patch the Pirate. Some how, I rolled them all into one mutation. Though I think I had just Carla and Ingrid in mind rather than yourself.I am sure it won’t happen anytime soon, but if you all come back, make sure you make the Johnsons invite us to their house for some coffee (or do you all drink tea in Canada?).Fred

  3. Of course I dropped their names on the Shays as if all Canadians know each other well and hang out all the timeAlthough Canada is a big country, the Shay’s get around – we had them over for an all to short visit last year – it was a great treat for us to have them over.

  4. Kim is way more thoughtful. She’s a downer.After Universal City, the J’s drove us on an exhaustive tour of “places where celebrities died from overdose, gunshot, or knife wound.” Phil was very knowledgeable on the subject.As for Daniel, he grudgingly let us in, made me take care of his baby for a while, and then rushed us out the door. We enjoyed ourselves however.Do you like my profile pic?

  5. After Universal City, the J’s drove us on an exhaustive tour of “places where celebrities died from overdose, gunshot, or knife wound.” Phil was very knowledgeable on the subject.YOU my friend are blessed. I have not had the honor of actually being shown the tour, but only listened to the tour via Phil’s breathless retelling of his first time visit to the various locations. Did he take you over to Church at Rocky Peak to see where the original Spahn Ranch was located, the hang out for the Manson Clan?When you come down again, I’ll take you to the beach. Maybe we can shoot by Malibu, bang on Tom Hank’s gate and see if the security guys will chase us off.Fred

  6. No, not the ranch, but he did point out the Dennys and Shell station where they stashed the evidence.We drove the Malibu in our rented Ford, and the Delorean with this licence plate blew by us. (Really!)It’s not a colon; it’s something that didn’t agree with my dog.

  7. She is NOT a downer!(At the risk of messing up Neil’s image – he was pretty thoughtful to plan this trip and bring his lovely wife to CA for their anniversary!) So glad you did and hope you come back soon!And yes, coffee,tea, and cookies at our home!

  8. I didn’t realize I was always in trouble, but I’m sure glad you enjoyed meeting the Shays. We have them over quite a bit and always have a great time.

  9. Sorry to hijack your comments box here, Fred, but I must respond to this accusation made by my dear spouse of twenty years:Kim is way more thoughtful. She’s a downer.Honey, are you masochistic or something?

  10. Bob and Doug are doing a 1 hour 24th anniversary reunion show soon. (After the May 2-4 weekend I believe).As a fellow Hoser from the Great White North, I’m looking forward to it.

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