I Bet this is a KJVO Church

By way of Michelle Malkin comes the story of Good News Independent Baptist Church in Spring Hope, North Carolina.

The last week or so the pastor put the following messages on the church’s sign:

Spring Hope is a short distance from the city of Raleigh-Durham.

The Muslims from the city are annoyed the pastor, Gary Murrell, would do something so mean hearted and bigoted and suggest he under go sensitivity training.

I’m sure that’s gonna happen.

Now, I don’t think displaying these type of messages on a church sign is the wisest way to be a winsome ambassador for the Christian faith, but I certainly stand with the pastor to have the liberty to display such messages on his sign if he so chooses. But suggesting he undergo some sort of sensitivity training or opening a dialog with Muslims in an attempt to change the pastor’s convictions?

Anyways, I saw “Independent” attached to the title “Baptist Church” and thought to myself, “You know, I would bet a chocolate dipped, roasted almond smothered ice cream bar from Costco that church is probably a KJV only church.” I couldn’t find anything on the net about the church to support my contention. Its just a hunch.


3 thoughts on “I Bet this is a KJVO Church

  1. I think it is true though. Your standard MVO church would probably have something of tolerance on the sign in this age of strong conviction, something with excellency of speech with enticing words of man’s wisdom. They would also get along with the egalitarian community. Good call, Fred. I think you pinned them down with this one.

  2. You could be right Kent, KJVO churches do tend to be less tactful with their interaction with the secular. Sort of like that awkward homeschooler walking through a mall for the first time.However, we could both be wrong and the pastor is a Sharper Iron BJU reformer type. I might shoot the guy an email and find out.Fred

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