Happy Father’s Day

This Father’s Day my children lavished on me some lovely gifts. Along with the homemade cards heaping accolades upon my good name and decorated with bug, dinosaur, and car stickers, I also received a lovely Frank Turk designed Team Pyro mug, a big ole’ box of Reeses Pieces, 10 dollars in quarters (for my coffee fund) and a Starbucks gift card (also for my coffee fund).
Sunday we get ready for church and I take the boys down to the van to get them ready to go. The youngest boy, who is a year and a half, has been having an issue with keeping his shoes on his feet for any length of time while riding in the van. So, when he comes scooting down the stairs barefoot I tell him, “I’m going to put your shoes on when we get to church.” He just giggles. I grab him and his shoes.

I lock him in his seat, the two other boys are locked into their seats, and my wife jumps in the car and we head off for our twenty minute drive to Sunday Worship. About mid-way to church, my wife looks back at the youngest and says, “Where’s his shoes?”

“Oh,” I replied in a cocky tone, as if I had out smarted this baby from taking off his shoes, “Seeing that he always takes them off anyways, I’ll put them on him when we get to church.” My wife looks around the van and says “Where are they, because I don’t see them?” “Oh, they’re back in the back,” I said with my ever increasing confidence. “Well,” my wife responds matter of fact, “You know the nursery won’t take him if he has no shoes on, right?”

A cloud of doubt began to form on the horizon of my mind.

“Well, they are either back by his seat or I put them in the back with his stroller,” I quickly retorted attempting to stay the fissure beginning to form in my facade of certainty. “I’m not going to do something as stupid as forgetting his shoes.”

Thankfully, after the nursery workers had a great laugh, they took the boy in spite of his bare feet, but he had to stay in a crib the entire time. In between services, my wife went to check on him and a newer workers unaware of my son’s plight, kindly whispered to my wife in her most helpful, Titus 2 style voice something along the lines of, “You may want to think to put shoes on him next time.” I told my wife, “You should have responded in the best hill billy draw you could muster, ‘Shewz? We’d dount let the yougnins ware shewz untel ther 12.”

Once we got home, I did find the shoes sitting on a table next to our van in the garage.

On an entirely separate subject, I wish to say thanks to Team Pyro and Pulpit Live for the links. Visitors to my blog tripled for a daily average, and then for one day, I think last Friday, the traffic was up to 800 visits. I was amazed.

Thanks for sending the love guys.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. That was me the other day, I read the same article 800 times. I thought you could use the encouragement. ;-)

  2. A few years ago, we went on a trip to Myrtle Beach with my parent. Our youngest was about three at the time. We took two vehicles to a local shopping outlet, and it was raining. My parents were responsible for taking our youngest and the oldest, and the middle was coming with us. The rain was coming down very heavy when my dad and hubby pulled up in their respective vehicles in front of the mall. I hurried #2 child through the driving rain while my mother scurried the other two in the car. My dad’s car was ahead of us, and I could see the head of my daughter bopping up and down in the back seat. But I could not see my son’s head, which I should have been able to see, because he was in a booster seat. Anxiety swept over me as I asked hubby if he was sure that #3 child had been ushered into his car. Hubby assured me that he was indeed in the car.He was in the car, although for the entire ride home, I was afraid that a three year old boy was wandering around a Myrtle Beach shopping mall. I hadn’t been able to see his head, because he was leaning forward on the arm in front of his booster seat, asleep.My husband informed me later that he had not in fact been certain that our son was in the car, had been wondering what he would say if we got back to the condo and discovered that he was not in the car. He had only told me that to keep me from worrying.

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