Bob Larson’s Delusions of Grandeur

I’ve never followed Bob Larson. I can remember when I was back in college I read two of his popular level books. One was on cults and the occult, sort of a watered down version of Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults, and another on the dangers of rock and roll music.

These days, more folks know him by his so-called deliverance ministry. He claims to be a bone-fide exorcist who takes on the powers of darkness. On videos and television shows, and on radio programs, he regularly casts out demons from people and heals them of their possession. I have always had my doubts about him casting out demons from people calling him on a radio program. I mean, once the demon “clued in” that someone was trying to cast him out, wouldn’t he just hang up? Why stick around to be forcibly removed from your human home and sent to the waste land?

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago or so, Bob was asked to be on a CNN Headline News program to offer his thoughts on exorcisms. I think it may have been in response to recent reports of exorcisms gone bad, in which the demoniac was physically abused by the folks attempting to exorcise the devil.

Well, unbeknownst to many of us here at Grace to You, our pastor, John MacArthur, was also asked to join the exorcist conversation. However, rather than providing fantastic reports of satanic possession and the like, John apparently spent a good deal of the interview rightly rebuking Bob for his unbiblical views of the spirit world, the devil, and exorcisms. He allegedly compared Bob’s “ministry” to that of the seven sons of Sceva mentioned in Acts 19 who were traveling exorcists.

[ By the way, I have searched around the net looking for a transcript of the program and I have been unable to locate one. I am not even sure which Headline News show it was, so if any one knows and has a link to a transcript, pass it along in the comments and I will link it here.]

Bob has taken offense to John’s corrective rebuke and wrote up a panicked newsletter (dated August 17, 2007) to his supporters basically accusing John of being in league with the satanic hordes of hellfire in order to launch a full scale attack against Bob Larson’s ministry.

Now, this may come as no surprise to you, but such satanic attacks, particularly from other brothers in the Lord, like John, can bring financial difficulty to a ministry like Bob’s, at least that is what he claims. As soon as people hear John’s misinformed slander, they stop giving. What do you think can possibly be done to repel this unexpected attack from a so-called brother in the Lord and secure Bob Larson’s financial ability to continue his ministry of inner healing and casting out devils? Why, you must stand with Bro. Bob financially by purchasing a 30-dollar DVD that was especially prepared to answer John’s objections.

Thirty dollars?! For one DVD?! Good grief! Each one of my sets of the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition was just 20, and I got four disks with 25 plus hours of bonus material. I didn’t know satanic attacks were so expensive.

But, if you are able, please, please, give more. There’s even a box on the form that allows you to give up to 300-dollars!

It sounds like Bro. Bob is drawing a line in the sand.

Whose side will you take?

Bob and God’s?


The filthy, foul forces of hellfire and John MacArthur’s?

7 thoughts on “Bob Larson’s Delusions of Grandeur

  1. Fred,I would think that Dr. MacArthur would be able to obtain a transcript of that conversation from the network for his own records. Perhaps he ought to do so because this is going to cause quite a stir.Having a copy of that transcript available would prevent people from distorting John’s words which no doubt will happen to those who are devoted Larson fans.Larson has been stung by this and I expect him to do everything he can to restore his own standing and and diminish John’s in the eyes of Larson’s constituency.Urge Phil to obtain a transcript and post it!Steve Lamm

  2. I’m somewhat familiar with Bob Larson and his history. He’s a very unsavory individual who has a lengthy list of untruthful statements and unflattering activities. For example, it was revealed that the books of fiction Larson claimed to have written were actually written by a Larson employee. Also the book on cults with Larson’s name on it? Yup…researched and written by others with Larson taking all the glory. Most of Larson’s “exorcisms” are questionable at best and are just as suspicious as a Peter Popoff healing show. Larson used to have a lot of radio stations carry his old show but that dwindled as more stations found out about his fabricated confrontations created to get publicity for him as well as more donations. Also a lot of the phone calls into his radio show were exposed as being fabricated by Larson employees and stooges. There’s plenty of this documented on the web. Larson is a huckster more interested in dollar signs than the Word of God.

  3. I thought you would like to know about an article on the Toledo Blade website (see link below) about a new reality series premiering this coming Thursday, October 30th on SCI FI featuring Bob Larson. The series is called “The Real Exorcist” and was produced by Pilgrim Films the producers of “Dirty Jobs,” “American Chopper,” and “Ghost Hunters.”

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