The BAM Blog

I am not sure this is the real deal and there isn’t much to look at just yet, but Hank “BAMerrific” Hanegraaf allegedly has a blog.

The reason I am a tad dubious this is the real Hank’s blog is because the comments are opened. Knowing how Hank tends to shy away from any serious challenge to his often times muddled beliefs, I find it hard to imagine he would allow cocky young Calvinists gunning for a fight to get into his saloon. I would also think Hank would become a goof-ball magnet for every barking mad heretic and his little brother, and he wouldn’t want his comment box turned into an asylum.

We’ll have to keep our eye on it.


2 thoughts on “The BAM Blog

  1. For whatever it’s worth, if one attempts to post a comment as of this morning, instead of the comment being saved, one is directed to a page with the following message:Possible Blogger Terms of Service ViolationsThis blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is currently unpublished. You can view your blog’s posts here in Blogger, but you may not make any changes.I figure either Blogger suspects this may have been created by someone impersonating Hanegraaf or they have received enough complaints from those offended by the remarks on the blog to warrent such an investigation by Blogger.

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