Torture Apologetics

By way of Tim ChalliesA La Carte section of his blog, I was linked to an interesting site called Cruel Logic. Cruel Logic is the name of a short film which can be accessed at the site, by Christian screen-writer and film maker, Brian Godawa. There is also a graphic novel under the same title with a section available at the site for viewing.

Cruel Logic tells the story of a serial killer who video tapes his murders. That’s not necessarily a new thing among serial killers, but what is different with this particular killer is that he specifically kidnaps postmodern, naturalistic Darwinian intellectuals and given their chosen worldview, attempts to debate his individual victims as to why he should not kill him or her.

The film is a clever twist on exposing the folly of “no absolutes” and relativistic morality. If there is no such thing as moral absolutes, well then, there is no good reason why a person shouldn’t torture another person to death, or what reasons that are given are lame and unsupportable.

According to the website, a feature film is in development. I would be interested in seeing it, but I have some ambivalence toward such a film. First, I hope Godawa doesn’t think he needs to make a film containing extreme, graphic violence just to be “relevant” to the unbelieving movie going audience so they will be tricked into coming to see what they think is a blood soaked horror movie, but really exposes them to the principles of a “Christian” world view along the way. You know, a “Christian” version of recent torture porn style films like Hostel or the Saw movies, but the characters speak like Francis Schaeffer. Of course, if Godawa’s movie has pumped up violence for the sake of the unbeliever who would otherwise not watch a movie about relativism and absolutes, when he is plugging it on the Bible Answer Man, I want to hear how Hank will spin the film to his audience and explain why it needs to have graphic violence.

Secondly, I am wondering why the key detective in the story is named Cornelius Van Til. Is Godawa a presuppositionalist, which would be great, or is he merely invoking Van Til so as to mock him? What his motive behind that one?


2 thoughts on “Torture Apologetics

  1. Until recently, Godawa was the movie reviewer over at the Chalcedon Foundation, so yes, I assume he’s a Van Tilian.I believe he was also the screenwriter for the cinematic adaptation of To End All Wars.If you can still find them, you should consider reading some of his online movie reviews, where he frequently brings a Reformed and presuppositional angle to bear.

  2. Steve,First off, let me say that I am honored that you even took the time to stop by here to look at my blog, let alone take the time to write up a response in the combox. You’re like one of my blogging heroes. Now I am all nervous and self-conscious. Like I need to have plenty of references in the form of internet links in my posts from now on.Second, I am glad to hear that about Godawa. I only have a surface knowledge of the guy. I saw his “To End All Wars” movie, and even though it was OK, I wasn’t all that impressed with it as a story promoting Christian values, particularly as Hank “BAM” Hanegraaf lauded it as a “pre-evangelism tool. Perhaps this newer one will be better. I certainly like the premise, but it does contain the possibility of going into the ultra-blood route.

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