Those were the desperate words yelled by my oldest boy moments before he blew projectile puke all over the backseat of our Camry. He had been suffering with a belly ache, diarrhea, and vomiting and my wife and I thought we should take him to the ER to get him hydrated. He couldn’t make it to the hospital in time, bless his heart.

I will never forget those words. So much so that I now tell you all


I have had this lingering head cold thing for like the last three weeks. At night, when I sleep, I start in with coughing spasms. I have been eating Mucinex like candy and greasing myself with Vic’s every night to help get rest. This past Monday it was the worst I have ever experienced my coughing so that I couldn’t sleep. I went to work, and started getting a fever. I figured I should see a doctor.

My regular doctor was booked up until Thursday, so I settled for sitting an hour and a half in a walk-in clinic. I praise the Lord for Ipods. The doctor there thinks I have the flu, so no antibiotics could help me, but he did give me some cough medicine with codine. I loooveee codine in cough syrup.

After I left the clinic, I spent another 20 minutes or so sitting at Walgreens to get my prescription. Ohhh, that codine helped bunches. I was able to sleep and I didn’t even attempt to get out of bed until later in the evening. I think I got up to use the bathroom once at some point during the day, but I can’t recall. I honestly don’t believe I have been this sick in years.

I slept much better last night thanks to the codine syrup, but I am still extremely under the weather. I managed to get up to eat a bite of breakfast and to write out this post to say I won’t be blogging for a while. When I return to work on Thursday, the Lord willing, I will have a lot of things stacked up to finish. So maybe on Monday of next week I will be back to my regular routine. See you all then.


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