My Town is Drowning!

I received an email from a cousin back in my home town of Batesville, Arkansas with pictures attached telling how the river that runs just south of town was overflowing its banks and almost running over the bridge. I didn’t even know there was this level of raining happening back home. I was stunned. She even stated rather breathlessly (at least it read as being “breathless”) “You could stop your car and reach out the door and touch the river.” That’s pretty amazing.

Thankfully, the bulk of my kinfolk, including my mother, live up on a mountain where the flood waters can’t reach them. My mother said she didn’t see any cow bodies floating in the water, so the cattle that normally roam around in the big fields surrounding the river must have been moved before hand. Nothing can be as disconcerting than seeing – and smelling – a dead cow body floating in a river.

And the one ironic picture in the collection: Riverside Gardens Florist

More picture can be viewed at my home town newspaper for anyone interested.

Flood Photos


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