Manly Books


Have you been looking to expand your puny, woman-boy library to make it become a man library? Are you tired of having the literary sand kicked in your face in front of all the ladies?

Here are the 100 Must-Read Books for the Essential Man’s Library

There are no comic books here; only hardcore literature that turns a weakling into a man. Prepare yourself to spar with Steinbeck, Tolkien, Saavedra.


5 thoughts on “Manly Books

  1. Well I’ve read a great many of those books he’s listed and would disagree with including some of the them. I was surprised that he included the Tarzan novels as they are considered by most today to be nothing more than encouraging colonialism. And the superiority of Western Culture over any other.

  2. But didn’t Tarzan beat up gorillas and crocodiles in those novels?I am surprised he listed James Joyce’s stuff, because it is brutally boring. Fred

  3. Well yes Tarzan did beat up gorillas and other animals. Although ERB’s description of gorillas were really out there. But then he proposed that Tarzan had been raised by the “great apes” whatever those are. Phillip Jose Farmer suggested that they were in fact that last remnants of some prehistoric hominid which is why Tarzan as a feral child was able to use language. However, having said all that I will admit to enjoying those books thoroughly as a young child as well as many of ERB’s other works.

  4. ‘Catcher in the Rye’ is a terrible book. It used to be one of my favorites until the Lord saved me. The cussing is just outrageous. I guess in order to be a man I must have a beer once in a while, watch UFC or MMA, cuss occasionally and basically look for ways to pick up heavy stuff. Ugg! Me man, hear me roar!

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