The Sasquatch Photo Challenge

This may be of considerable interest to my Canadian blogger acquaintances like Neil and Daniel. I mean, Sasquatches up in Canada are like all the time overturning garbage cans and getting in to people’s sheds to break into the large bags of dog food.

The Bushnell $1,000,000 dollar photo contest

If you have a trail cam, and you can capture a verifiable picture of Sasquatch, otherwise known as Bigfoot, Bushnell may reward you a million bucks. (Not deer, by the way – but money).

Now please note the word “verifiable.” There is much tied up in that word, especially the notion of “clear and focused.” No “blobsquatches” as they are known in the Bigfoot research world. See here to know what I mean. And if you can clear the area of foliage and low hanging branches where your camera will be shooting so the Bigfoot is not obscured by tree limbs.

Also, no fakes. I know Eugene and Jay-dub may be tempted to get “Lil” Bud and his daddy’s artificial bear skin rug he picked up at Dollywood many years ago and try to stage a Bigfoot sighting so as to fool the experts as it were, but they need to remember there is a distinct quality of realism between a genuine Bigfoot picture and a fake. I write more about that here, by the way.

Just so that we are on the same page, these are obvious fakes:

If you are able to capture the image of a terror gnome or maybe a chupacabra, that would be pretty awesome too. That’s worth at least 100 grand if anything.


One thought on “The Sasquatch Photo Challenge

  1. Around here the garbage terrorism is due to undocumented alien opossums that slip across the southern border undetected. We’re planning on building a big fence and stepping up citizen patrols at the Niagara River. And checking trucks. We’re going to check the trucks too.

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