Cat Painters


It is Halloween time and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than highlighting those pet owners who excel with humiliating their pets and shaming themselves.

For this Halloween, why not take up the fine craft of cat painting?

People who humanize their cats are already a little “off” – I mean, if you name all of your 7 cats after the professors from Hogwarts out of the Harry Potter series, you take being a pet owner just a wee bit too seriously.

Of course, my immediate question: How did these folks get these cats to sit still long enough to be painted? What self-respecting cat allows itself to be subjected to the warped fancies of its owner?

Note the irony in this next picture. Cats are known for staring at fish in a bowl, and the cat is painted to look like a fish!

Why not paint the lab as Batman and then go trick-or-treat?


These next two people have the look of “cat owners” on them, don’t they?
wink,wink, nudge, nudge.
It wouldn’t surprise me if they call their cats, “my babies.”

Billy Jack’s cat. (Go Google if you don’t know the pop cultural reference).

And we can’t forget the dog owners. This isn’t exactly pet painting, but it comes close to the borders.


5 thoughts on “Cat Painters

  1. As a licensed professional cat owner I take umbrage at your statement about calling our cats “my babies”. In point of fact I do have a cat called “Baby” as well as one called Lily and another called Chibi.And frankly I’m getting tired of the “reformed” folk, and especially Kim Riddlebarger, thinking that dogs are the only thing someone who holds to reformed theology can own and show their face in public. Now regarding the painting of cats its an abomination that shows the owners own selfish attitude and lack of true affection for their cat.

  2. Well Pete, don’t be too indignant about us poking a bit at you cat people. Some of those pictures are real, but a good portion of them are fake. Hence the reason I tagged this post, “humor.” =-)

  3. Ah, the joy of Photoshop. My mother used to have two cats named for Harry Potter characters, but they were named by my younger brother who was about twelve at the time, and deeply into Harry Potter. They were a tabby girl and a black boy. The tabby got named Lavender, and the boy… well, he was black, do of course he was called Sirius.Oh, and we used to have a cat called Wilberforce as well. Augustus M. Toplady (in whose London pulpit I have preached), was of the opinion that cats and dogs had souls. Some think he had a good point, others that he really should have married. Not that he didn’t try, actually…

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