How Global Warming Junk Science is Messing with My Life

A Rant

My hide is officially chafed.

I am asthmatic, so I have a prescription for an inhaler. This past week I needed to have it refilled. I called it in to the automated telephone service and the next day I stop by the pharmacy to pick it up.

Now, my insurance co-pay for an asthma inhaler is 10 dollars. I took a twenty dollar bill with me to pay for it expecting 10 dollars in change. I stand in line, I am called to the counter, I give my name to the clerk. He goes and retrieves my inhaler from the back shelf. He then affixes the little sticker for me to sign in the signature book and I sign my name. He then scans the price tag and says,

“That will be 25 dollars.”

I was momentarily confused just for a second. I wondered if I had called in the wrong prescription or if he had picked up the wrong “BUTLER” from the shelf. I asked,

“Shouldn’t that be 10 dollars? It’s just an asthma inhaler.”

He then replies,

“We can no longer sell the previous medication because the gas used to dispense the medication does not meet the environmental greenhouse gas emission standards.”

What is truly amazing is how he said it with such a straight, matter-of-fact face as if such an ridiculous assertion was true.

As what he told me began to sink in, I became agitated and that swiftly turned to seething indignation. Now, I rarely, if ever, get upset in public to where I “make a scene” if you know what I mean. Especially becoming pugnacious. I think the last time was in 7th grade where I had taken all the sass mouth bullying I could from Tom Brown and punched him repeatedly in the face.

I replied to the clerk in my controlled gentle voice and a smile on my face, “Excuse me? Are you kidding?”

“Nope,” said the clerk, “The laws went into play just a while ago.”

This is where my gentle voice became increasingly tense and punctuated with loud emphasis and the pointing and waving of my finger, so that by-standers thought they were on the verge of witnessing a public meltdown that would involve alerting law enforcement. I say,


The clerk, clearly now in agreement with my concern for the breakdown of our society at the hands of lunatic pseudo-scientific cranks, says,

“I know man, it’s crazy isn’t it? It’s stupid.” (My wife later told me he was probably told to say that by his manager to prevent any fights from breaking out).

I turned to face the other customers in line, maybe 5 or so, and loudly proclaimed, “This is why I hate leftist values and it will only get worse.”

I would imagine that cryptic comment was lost on them anyways, but do they not understand how a basic health care item just increased in cost 150 percent? That is a significant increase just to stroke the consciences of the nanny state enviro-wackos who sincerely believe people are contributing to global warming by breathing in to their bodies a gas allegedly bad for the planet. Do we not see the absurdity of this farcical policy? Poorer people will now have higher costs to their medical care because of some fraudulent environmental impact beliefs.

Even more stunning will be the people who will genuinely argue something along the lines as, “Well, if everyone had health coverage then they would not have to worry about the personal costs.”


This is the clearest example of why we need a separation of leftism and state.


9 thoughts on “How Global Warming Junk Science is Messing with My Life

  1. I am thinking of writing a paper on how “electron doping” is contributing to global warming.Electron doping happens when we artificially introduce (by way of electrical “grounding”) more electrons into “mother earth” than she formerly had. Little by little, lightning rods, and grounded circuits are taxes the “earth mother’s” ability to souse stray electrons, causing havoc in weather systems which are inhibited in their ability to discharge static electricity in the form of lightning. This “penting up” of atmospheric charge results in more ionic interfeance, hence causing greater condensation at higher altitudes, leading to more cloud cover, for longer periods, which essentially contributes to a growing green house effect.My paper will use plenty of assumptions based primarily on capricious scare-mongering speculations that I will make, loosely based upon a very small (historically speaking) data sample – a few charts that date fifty or a hundred years of loosely, poorly kept, and otherwise local data – and projecting these figures outward, I feel fully confident that with the help of a movie, I will not only receive a nobel prize, but also rid the world once and for all of lightning rods and grounded plugs.I am thinking also of marketing high capacity capacitors to soak up lightning hits, and see if I can’t find a way to suck all the stray electrons out of the earth, er I mean, “mother earth” so that I can reverse the years of damage we have already done.

  2. Wow, what will “they” think of next? Wonder if your doctor knows about this new law and can give you something equally useful but less expensive.

  3. It’s the biggest scam since evolution. It’s interesting how you can see the same kind of totalitarianism with respect to science. Some scientists promote global warming, even though thousands of other scientists say it’s not true. (At least anything man-made). But it doesn’t really matter whether it’s true or not, once it’s caught on with the leftists, it becomes true. Then, any and all evidence that disputes it is thrown out.

  4. Hi,This is certainly very interesting news on global warming, The perspective you have portrayed is very unique indeed… Thanks a lot for sharing…

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  6. If you had the faith you could be healed of you asthma anyway and save even more money which you could use to plant seeds of more faith which would prosper and then you could buy expensive inhalers for those without faith and money.

    It’s so easy a false prophet could do it.

    :) Thanks for sharing your story.

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