Mac’s 40th

Today, Sunday February 1st, 2009, we commemorated 40 years of John MacArthur preaching and pastoring at the same church, Grace Community Church of the Valley.

Pastoring the same church for 40 years is quite an accomplishment and is rarely seen these days.

In honor of his 40th anniversary, the elders commissioned the painting of his pulpit. It is painted from the angle of where John sits during the service,

Grace to You, the radio ministry of John’s preaching, put together a book entitled Truth Endures. Each chapter is one of John’s most enduring sermons he has preached taken from various periods during his 40 years of ministry. Phil Johnson introduces each chapter with a brief historical sketch of the times we were living when John preached the particular message. The special treat is the 60 plus page biographical essay by Iain Murray of John’s life and ministry. I will have more of a review of the book later this week, but here is John holding the book after it was presented to him,

In honor of John MacArthur’s 40th anniversary of ministry at Grace, I’m going to have John MacArthur week here at my blog. I hope to share my own personal reflections of his ministry in some posts.

Last week, Rick Holland who pastor’s our college ministry, did an interview with John for the evening service. There is a lot of great personal testimony John gave of his own life. If you are someone who appreciate John, and your life has been impacted by his preaching and his written material, I would recommend listening to it,

A Retrospective of 40 Years

1 thought on “Mac’s 40th

  1. Truly one of our finest examples of a godly worshipper of God our Father, and Jesus Christ, our Beloved Savior and God.An exemplary pastor of pastors. 40 years! What a witness; what a shining light of the Gospel!And what a preacher of the Word he truly is; the whole Word of God.

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