Gone Baby Gone

The family and I are headed back to the rustic, rural Ozarks to pay the kin folk in Arkansas a visit for a week or so. (Please, no possum jokes, Neil).

This means posting here at the blog will be sporadic.

Computer technology has come to the parts of Arkansas where I will be lodging. They use long wires hooked up to poles.

So, I should be able to post the second part to my last study on eschatology sometime next week, Lord willing. I also want to respond to some lengthy comments by a gay marriage advocate who has been posting under my article on Christian compassion toward homosexuals.

If I happen to see or hear of anything else of interest, I’ll try to get that on-line as well.


4 thoughts on “Gone Baby Gone

  1. Have a great trip, Fred & family!I'll see if I can't get a possum recipe for next Friday's The Squirrel Can Cook feature…(You did say that Neil shouldn’t do possum jokes, right?)~Squirrel

  2. Something seems off about a squirrel posting possum recipes.People used to know how to stack hay! Looks kind of strange, but it is still on the truck! That says something.Craig

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