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A concerned evolutionist named Bob, whose profile is conveniently not available for review, has felt it his duty to educate us non-Darwinian evolutionists of the errors of our ways.I am guessing there is not much happening in Florida where he lives. He’s left comments on two recent posts, HERE and HERE.Bob has dropped by in the past to leave his pearls of wisdom. The last time, however, he tied them together with strings of profanity so I was forced to delete them. It’s hard for me to suffer with an individual who must resort to cussing in order to make his points. It’s a lazy way to communicate to say the least. Cussing demonstrates a person who has an undisciplined mind.

But that’s just me.

But much to our delight, Boob, I mean Bob, has regaled us once against with his insights to life. I am thankful he has lowered himself to even pay me a visit. I mean, I am an insane creationist. I usually never frequent the websites of crazy people. I am glad I am not so beneath Bob I am considered unworthy of his correctives.

“You, being a creationist, should really consider reading a book about evolution…”

“So, Fred, are you going to educate yourself, or are you going to continue providing evidence for my idea that creationists are creationists because they’re too bloody lazy (or too afraid, you tell me) to read a book.

Evolutionists are all the time complaining bitterly that the reason people are creationists or ID proponents is that they haven’t had the proper education in evolution. Some how, generations of America’s students have missed out. The debate on origins would be ended if people would only have the wear-with-all to educate themselves. Not be so bloody lazy as Bob bitterly intones. As a remedy, there’s always that one book that will explain everything with clarity. That one lecture which will compel beyond doubt.

Funny thing is, however, I, like everyone in the entire industrialized world, have had a steady diet of evolutionary education starting in 9th grade all the way to graduation in such subjects as biology, geology, cosmology, and pretty much any field of “science” I was exposed to. The same can be said about my basic college courses in the same fields of study. Moreover, our media, both television and film, promote evolutionary constructs. You can’t get away from it.

But what happened to me? Why didn’t I become a hard core evolutionist? I mean, my teachers were all convinced of the “facts” of evolution. They explained it well to me. The books did a good job of presenting the arguments. In fact, contrary to the hand wringing of evolutionists like Eugenie Scott and Bob that high school students are being brain washed against learning evolution, I readily accepted it. I even believed in evolution for many years after graduating high school and into college. So. Where did the evolutionists fail? How come they couldn’t keep me? Could it be that evolutionists are just bad communicators? I mean, how much clearer can you get than a 9th grade biology text book. The whole first chapter is devoted to showing why evolution is true. Obviously, at least according to Bob, the rejection of evolution isn’t on the merit of its ideas as a philosophy. Certainly not.

“It’s interesting that you invoked Answers in Genesis. Did you know they make the claim that the entire universe was magically created only 6,000 years ago?”

Yes. And I happen to believe it for good reason. But I don’t see anything different between my claim about the universe and the evolutionist’s claim. Evolutionists make the claim the entire universe magically came into existence billions of years ago. There really is no difference between our positions except for the time issue. Magic is magic in both instances.

If that’s your problem, then perhaps it’s about time for you to grow up and face facts. Reality ain’t so bad once you get used to it. Also, it’s really nice to be right about science, instead of being a laughing-stock.

Yes, and I noticed it [the Bible] is full of violence, genocide, slavery, and gibberish.

As I write this, my wife is down at a hospital with a dear friend from our Church who is dying from cancer. She will leave a grieving husband and four children behind. But if I believe Bob the evolutionist, grieving for her is really absurd. I mean, she is merely succumbing to her evolutionary biology and in this case, bad genes and DNA that gave her cancer to die at such a young age. But hey! According to Bob, we just need to grow up and face the facts. Just get use to reality. It appears to me that evolution is full of violence, genocide, slavery and gibberish, too.

Are you too brainwashed with god fairy nonsense to understand science?

I have learned to automatically ignore Bible thumpers because they are too brainwashed to understand anything.

Bob uses the slur “brainwashed” a lot to describe his non-Darwinian detractors. On the one hand, he implores us to get educated, but then mocks us because our brains are washed. How can I get educated in what is suppose to be reality when my brain is washed? Do I know my brain is washed?

Being an evolutionist, he seems to assume our mind is detached from our brain. Humans can make choice; in this case, read more books on evolution so we will no longer believe god fairy nonsense. In other words, a person can think outside his biological construct. But my brain is a product of my DNA genetics, which according to Bob, is driven by evolutionary natural selection and descent with modification. If Bob’s take on evolutionary reality is true, where is Bob getting this appeal to choices, changing minds, and brain washing? How exactly can I do that if I am predisposed to my DNA of believing god fairies? Why the metaphysical outrage Bob?

You are fighting thousands of brilliant scientists with your denial of evolution. You’re also denying tons of evidence you don’t understand and don’t even know about.

Evolution is a basic scientific fact, which has even more powerful evidence than the fact that planets orbit stars. evidence for evolution comes from discoveries made by molecular biologists.

Bob, like most typical Darwinian propagandists, speaks in grand terms of evolutionary fact and solid evidence. Evidence = Evolution. That is science. Karl Marx often loaded his ideas with the terminology of “scientific” and “factual” in order to give it street cred. Evolutionary activists like Bob are no different. They make the mistake of assuming “evidence” is raw and naked and self-defined. To deny Darwinian evolution is to deny that water is wet. But evidence is just evidence. It needs an interpreter to make sense of it. Hence, Darwinians bring to bare their philosophy of the world upon lines of evidence and conclude it supports their philosophy. This is hardly scientific.

Additionally, Darwinians like to change terminology in mid-debate. Bob does this all the time. When Bob speaks of evolution, he automatically concludes with his definition that it is non-living matter — to molecules — to man. In short, magic. Spontaneous regeneration. But Pasteur has debunked such things more than a century ago. None the less, Bob then appeals to animals adapting to environmental pressures and claims such “evolution” demonstrates the primary definition of non-life — to molecules — to man when such is hardly the case.

please consider the idea that thousands of biologists just might know a bit more about modern biology than you do. I compare your denial of evolution to telling a brain surgeon how to do his job.

You are fighting thousands of brilliant scientists with your denial of evolution. You’re also denying tons of evidence you don’t understand and don’t even know about.

Bob likes to chide the religious for following nonsensical sources of authority, like the Buybul. Bob, I would reckon, would pride himself as a free thinker, one who is not enslaved to the irrational thoughts of some outside authority. But Bob speaks of scientists as a sort of infallible, magisterial priest class who hold the keys to the understanding of all reality.

I have my religious authorities, Bob has his, and so Bob has become an evangelist for his religion with his comments. I mean, he sets forth a particular worldview (naturalistic atheism), that is carried about by a particular set of beliefs (Darwinian evolution), that sets before the hearer a choice (receive Darwinian evolution or remain brainwashed) that will result in the hearers alleged betterment (you will know the truth). Bob is a secular fundamentalist bigot.

Of course, Bob hasn’t really addressed what his priest class should do with the apostates from his system, like John C. Sanford, or the heretics with in it, like Francis Collins. Right now their books are being burned. But will they one day be burned at the stake? From what I have read so far from Bob, Darwinian evolutionists are hardly the tolerant ecumenicals. If anything, they are the rigid Fred Phelps of the secular world.

Anyhow, Bob, thanks for not cussing.


15 thoughts on “What About Bob?

  1. As a software engineer, whenever I contemplate something like DNA which contains a code that is base-4 digital, self-replicating, error-correcting and multiplexed, I am incredulous it came into existence by accident. The genetic code fulfills many times over the requirements the SETI people impose on the incoming signals from their radio telescopes. I must assume the originator of that signal is not someone the astronomers want to find!Evolution is the pagan creation myth for modern man. It’s nothing new. Darwin’s real accomplishment was his repackaging of the absurdity of spontaneous generation into modern scientific language. If we were living in Biblical times, then Bob would be worshiping Baal, Zeus or some other false god who came into existence by progressive means from pre-existing, eternal matter.Here’s a URL to an interesting article from the Wall Builders web site that briefly traces the ancient origins of Bob’s religion: http://www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp?id=7846

  2. Well said Fred! I know if Darwin was alive now with the information available he would repent in a heartbeat. I too believed the junk put forth as truth when I was in school, trusting the teachers to have my best interests at heart. Later with personal study I was shown how wrong that worldview was.

  3. Its pretty noteworthy that in Bob's entire treatise (i'm assuming you posted it all?) he didn't really offer any evidence? This is typical though. Evolutionists like to talk a lot about "evidence" and how foolish we are, but rarely do they ever present anything? Could it be that they realize we've already been exposed to the evidence and now resort to mockery and slander? Well, that's what usually happens when someone runs out of good arguments.

  4. I just posted selected highlights. He attempts to provide evidence in other of his comments, for example the old comet bombardment theory for the origin of life on earth (sort of a non-alien panspermia), but that is about the extent of it. He keeps pushing books to read as if they will be a cure-all of our brainwashing.

  5. Evolutionists like Bob love lambasting creationists with glittering generalities. But when pressed to debate specific points, they usually end up accusing the creationist of “distorting their arguments.” In their mindset, if you were only smart enough to understand the arguments for evolution, then you would be an evolutionist. It's the same tactic socialists use when they accuse their opponents of being “racists” or “greedy.”

  6. "Boob, I mean Bob"You are quite an idiot. I give you something to do (you must have spent all day writing about me), and in return you make a childish comment like that as if you think you're being funny.It's too bad you didn't spend the same amount of time reading the book I recommended. Christians will never be accused of wanting to learn something.

  7. "As a software engineer, whenever I contemplate something like DNA which contains a code that is base-4 digital, self-replicating, error-correcting and multiplexed, I am incredulous it came into existence by accident."You disgrace my former profession. You think your experience with computer software makes you qualified to be a biologist. Do you also want to tell brain surgeons how they should do their jobs?

  8. "But when pressed to debate specific points"What debate are you talking about? There is no debate about the basic facts of evolutionary biology.Just because you're an uneducated hick does not mean there's a debate about something you're too lazy to learn anything about.Magical creationists, read a book about science, and then I will stop laughing at you.Never mind. Anyone who is still a creationist in 2009 is too bloody stupid to understand anything. So don't bother with books. Just pray to your dead Jeebus and try to keep your insanity out of our schools.

  9. (you must have spent all day writing about me)Not quite. But it was fun. Hopefully you will deal with the problems with your particular worldview. Like Steve stated, Try to follow your own logic.

  10. Cool beans, Bob is back in all his glory!"You disgrace my former profession. You think your experience with computer software makes you qualified to be a biologist. Do you also want to tell brain surgeons how they should do their jobs?"All evolutionists are at a complete loss to explain the origin of information. Biologists become fair game when they make up a mythology (evolution) that claims complex digital information storage and duplication systems appear out of nowhere *poof* and then insist their tales be classified as science. Who really is the one believing in magic here, Bob?The Apostle Paul summed up this situation better than anyone: "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools…" Romans 1:18-22, NASB.Evolution is the futile speculation of our age, the pagan creation myth for modern man. Evolutionists profess themselves to be wise, but instead make themselves fools. Creationism is rejected by our intelligentsia not because it is at odds with the true verifiable facts of empirical science, but rather because it says that God owns man and man, therefore, is accountable to him.

  11. You think your experience with computer software makes you qualified to be a biologist. Do you also want to tell brain surgeons how they should do their jobs?Love the non-sequitor. Doing Brain surgery has nothing to do with speculations with origins. Brains exist in the here and now, not the distant past of gazzillions of years. One can be a practicing Hindu and believe in a cyclical view of life on earth and be a brain surgeon. Like all Darwinian propagandists, you give way too much credibility to the alleged power of Darwinian evolution.

  12. What is missing here is an unfortunate change in the nature of scientific discourse since the mid-19th century. It used to be part of the intellectual culture of mankind, into which all might enter and from which all might profit. (This observation from J.R. Lucas, who I have to learn more about, because he makes great sense.) But from 1860 onward, it becomes more of a closed shop, with its own puritan ethic, from which amateurs are more and more excluded.There is a place for experts. I would not perform brain surgery, nor would I presume to teach future brain surgeons. But, if a brain surgeon proposed to cut into MY skull, I would expect him to explain what he proposed to do, so that I could understand it, and I would make the final decision whether to have the surgery or not.Every human being has the God-given right, or if there is no God, the natural inherent right, to grapple with the Big Questions of the Universe. There are "experts" on every side. For every Ph.D there is an equal and opposite Ph.D. So its not about who can quote how many experts, its about studying what the experts have to offer, and then drawing my own conclusions.There is no evidence whatsoever that it all "just happened" randomly. There is some pretty good indirect evidence that someone has been monkeying with the laws of physics (as the atheist astronomer Fred Hoyle conceded). The succession of different life forms over a period of 3 1/2 billion years is pretty well established, but there are plenty of connections which are missing, not to mention how it all got started, not to mention that if atomic forces were just a tiny bit stronger or weaker than they are, no heavy elements would ever have formed, nor would we have the right mix of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.I have no doubt that God said "Let the waters bring forth the living thing that hath life." I have no doubt that the first response to that command was a series of chemical reactions, in which some very basic metabolism began to function in a very toxic and hostile world, then acquired membranes to form the first cells, and each new development was the foundation for the next. Nor do I have any doubt that there was some divine intervention in the last 50,000 years which resulted in a form of life qualitatively different from any previous hominid, namely us.Scientists are pretty good at compiling a series of physical events, and those who believe in God are foolish to deny it. But scientists are equally foolish to pose this empirical evidence as contrary to the Bible, or to the existence of a deity.(Note: if this appears twice, its because the Word Verification ran twice).

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