Magic Bean Science

This is the worst scientific scandal of our generation…

About a month or so ago I attended a science lecture given by our seminary librarian, Dennis Swanson, on the subject of the weather and the Bible. The lectures are available HERE in 7 video segments if anyone is interested.

One of the more amusing moments toward the end, and regrettably not on any of the videos I linked, is when Dennis flashed up the picture of this sci-fi looking ship and proceeded to tell us what the purpose of this ship is.

Cloud ships could cancel out effects of global warming

Yep, you read that right. A group of European climatologists and engineers are attempting to build and launch a flotilla of unmanned, fully automated, cloud producing ships that will circle the worlds oceans creating clouds to reflect sunlight back into space, and thus canceling out the effects of man-made global warming. All to the tune of 9 BILLION DOLLARS! Its a good deal, of course, because 9 billion dollars is just a fraction of the 230 trillion dollar cost of the original idea of sending into space giant orbiting sun screens. It’s ideas like these that makes a laughing stock of the so-called global warming community. It’s amazing what rich, pantheists leftists can do when they put their minds to it.

Not sure if the enthusiasm over there proposed navy of cloud ships has damped now that climate change science has been exposed as one of the biggest frauds in recent years. See HERE and HERE.


3 thoughts on “Magic Bean Science

  1. A problem here is that those "rich, pantheists leftists" won't be paying for this boondoggle. Mark my words, the U.S. taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.Another problem is the fact that no machine can be 100% efficient; some of the water vapor released by this process will be floating freely in the atmosphere and not in the cloud formation. Since water vapor is the number one "greenhouse" gas (it has ten times the effect of CO2), how then will spraying more water vapor into the atmosphere decrease global warming, but releasing more C02 increase global warming?Gad, what a scam!

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