Every Thing You Wish to Know about OTA-HD

One of the contributors to a local progressive blog here in my neck of world put together a great little DIY report on leaving cable and setting up an OTA-HD (that’s Over The Air- High Def. for the uninitiated) antenna rig for his home entertainment needs.

Some of you all may remember the big push last year to inform the general public of the demise of the old-time analog TV broadcasting signal and the birth of the new, HD broadcasting signal. OTA-HD can provide a much sharper, defined picture than cable and satellite, and once the front end hook-up costs pay for themselves, its free. Can’t beat free over an 80 dollar a month cable bill.

Some of the information is related to my hometown (which has just been unofficially nicknamed “Awesome Town!, believe it or not), so you’ll have to look past that, but overall, there is good information for you tech savoy electronics geeks who may want to look into OTA-HD for your area. My wife and I watch TV on a limited basis, and if I had the extra money at the moment, I would maybe look into setting it up for our TV.


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