Answering the Claims of KJV-Onlyism

The various articles I have written answering and refuting the apologetics of King James Onlyism.

Podcast Interviews I’ve Done on KJV Onlysim

Theology Matters (12/5/13)
Echo Zoe Radio (May, 2014)
Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast (11/25/15)

My original series on Answering King James Onlyism has been turned into a book. See my announcement article for details. Readers can purchase it HERE

Responding to Chris Pinto’s Sinaiticus Conspiracy

Chris Pinto’s Disingenuous Response to His Critics
Determining the Antiquity of Manuscripts
Slandering Tischendorf
George E. Merrill on the Simonides Affair
H.P. Blavatsky for the Defense
Why the Pinto/White Debate Matters
Where the Single Version Men Lead Us

Reviewing Jack McElroy’s Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

All Nine Reviews in One Place

Miscellaneous Articles Addressing KJV-Only Issues

Liberals, KJV-Onlyists, and Inerrancy
Translational Discernment
Archaic Words and Translational Precision

Answers KJV-Onlyists are Afraid You Will Provide [Pt. 1], [Pt. 2], [Pt. 3]

Textual Preservation and MVOs
The KJV-Only Naturalistic, Non-neutrality Argument
Welcome to KJV-Only Fideist’s Club House
King James Only Historiography

Slaves of Christ [Pt. 1], [Pt. 2]

The KJV-Only, He-man Woman Haters Club
The KJV-Only Easter Bunny Trail
Cloudy Daze (Romans 8:16 and “The Spirit Itself”)
The Wheels on the Chariot…
Raining on Bro. Cloud’s 8 Presuppositions for Textual Criticism
A Stroll through Asinine Territory
No Liars in Heaven
The Unbound Scriptures, A Review
A Case Study Regarding KJVO Apologetics
Questions and Answers with the KJV Onlyists


1 thought on “Answering the Claims of KJV-Onlyism

  1. I'm glad you compiled the articles in one place. I'm running into some KJV-Only extremists on the CARM forums one of whom actually claims that Jesus Christ and the Bible are one and the same and he proudly admits worshipping the Bible (bibliolatry). This person also claims no one can be saved with any Bible other than the 1611 KJV. The claims the KJV-Onlyists there make without any sound evidence is just mind-boggling. It's frustrating to refute their claims only to have them make them again a week or so later thinking everyone's forgotten.

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