Answering the Claims of Gay “Christian” Apologetics and Homosexuality in Culture

Articles I have written answering the various arguments put forth by gay apologists who claim the Bible, rather than condemning homosexual behavior, commends and encourages it.

I also have an audio version of some of these messages at my other website, Fred’s Bible Talk.

Debunking Gay Apologetics: Answering the apologetics of so-called gay evangelicals.

Toward a Biblical View of Sexuality

Slouching Toward Gomorrah

Were David and Jonathan Gay?

The Abomination of Sodomy

Is the Word Eunuch the Bible’s Way of Saying Homosexual?

The Centurion’s Gay Lover-Servant

The Folly of Same-sex Theology

Gay “Christian” FAQs [1]

Gay “Christian” FAQs [2]

Miscellaneous Articles

Gay Apologists and Revisionists

Answering Some Gay Christian Apologists

The Rodney King Philosophy and Gay Revisionists

Thoughts about Ray Boltz Declaring His Homosexuality

On Christians, Compassion, and Being Gay

Debating Dr. Laura

Articles on Homosexuality and Culture

Confronting Gays with Truth and Love

Defining Deviancy

Prop. 8

Biological Disconnect: Thoughts on LGBT and Evolution

Girl Toys

7 Truths LGBT Kids Need to Hear from Homeschooling Parents

A Christian Response to the Parents of a Transgendered Kid


4 thoughts on “Answering the Claims of Gay “Christian” Apologetics and Homosexuality in Culture

  1. Hi Fred,Thanks for putting together this collection of articles. They're very helpful.Do you happen to have an article that addresses the "shellfish" argument that's put forth by pro-gay "Christians"?

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