Studies in Eschatology

All of my current articles reflecting my personal study in the subject of eschatology and eschatological systems.

Responding to Sam Waldron’s MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto – A Friendly Response

A Review of MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto – A Friendly Response.
Replacement Theology
Sam is a Dispensational Man
Peace and Mercy … Upon the Israel of God
For They are not All Israel Who are Israel
Addendum to the Land
The Commonwealth of Israel

Studies in General Eschatological Theology

Apocalyptic Visions
Herman Gnuteks
Out with the Old, In with the New
Type Casting the Bible
The Israel/Church Distinction
Thy Kingdom Come
Restoring Israel
The Kingdom of God both Physical and Spiritual
The Millennium in Church History
Apocalypticism and the Book of Revelation
Revelation 20: Sequential or Recapitulation?
The Binding of Satan: Present or Future?
A Spiritual or Physical Resurrection?
The Duration of the Thousand Years: Literal or Figurative?

Defending Premillennialism

Philosophical Considerations in the Development of Hermeneutics
The Reforming of Hermeneutics
The Wooden Literalist: Legendary Beast of Theology Lore [1]
The Wooden Literalist: Legendary Beast of Theology Lore [2]
Outlining the Basics
The Telescoping of Prophecy
Kingdom Citizens
The Covenant Reformed Understanding of Israel’s Land Promises
The Everlasting Promise of the Land
The New Covenant Promise of Israel’s Restoration
Joshua 21:43-45 and the Land Promises Made to Israel
The Restoration of Israel in the New Testament
Resources on Ezekiel’s Temple
Interpreting Ezekiel’s Temple Vision
Literally Reading Ezekiel 40-48
Animal Sacrifices in Ezekiel 40-48
Ezekiel’s Temple Sacrifices and Hebrews
Answering Objections to Ezekiel’s Temple Sacrifices

Miscellaneous Articles

The Manuel Lacunza Conspiracy
The Great Disappointment
Additional Thoughts on 70 A.D., Preterism, the Olivet Discourse, and Gap Theories
The Literal “Hermeneutic” and Dispensationalism
What is a Zionist?
Dispensationalism, Hal Lindsey, and Typology


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