What I’m Mailing

I’m gonna be busy the next couple of days…
BTW you can watch our progress HERE.


11 thoughts on “What I’m Mailing

  1. put on your salesman hat here Fred:Why should a guy like me who already has the ESV study bible latest edition go out and buy John Mac's new version?

  2. I can't tell you how totally uber-cool it is to know that all those Bibles are being sent out! His Word will not return void!Is this a US only thing, or are these being sent internationally?Squirrel

  3. Darrin,The ESV study Bible is undeniably a good work to have. It is on my list to purchase sometime in the future just to have the technical information. However, to answer your question: First, you are going to have the study notes of a highly reputable expositional Bible teacher and preacher. If you are familiar with John's overall study Bible in the previous editions of the NASB and the NKJV, you will know how stellar the notes are, particular in the NT. Secondly, it is the work of essentially one guy (with the occasional help of profs at the college and seminary), but really, its his work. I know people scoff at such a notion, but I have seen his hand written manuscripts of the study notes the bulk of which are taken from his 40 years of preaching and teaching. Because it is one man doing the work, there will be a unity of thought that is sometimes missed on collaborative efforts by other scholars who may have conflicting opinions on various books of the Bible. Even if one doesn't care for John's dispensational flavor (which is bizarre in my mind) at least he will be consistent in that regards. Third, Crossway has honestly put together a handsome edition. The layout is fabulous and there are additional maps and charts not found in the other editions of the study Bible. Even if you don't purchase it for yourself, it is a good buy for a new believer. An easily read, evangelical translation, faithful to the original for the most part coupled with tremendous, solid notes. A lot of my friends I know are buying these Bibles for friends and family who are new Christians.

  4. Squirrel,These Bibles are primarily going to folks here in the US. We have sent out just over 10,000 since the first of Sept, and we have about twice that if not more to mail, on top of other stuff we have to send out. The Canadian offices of GTY received two pallets of Bibles which are around 1,000. I understand they will ship all of them out.Just as a note: There is a major pastor's conference in Africa coming up sometime soon, I'm not sure when, but they have requested 10,000 MSBs to be delivered so they can be distributed to the thousands of pastors and lay leaders who otherwise don't even have a library, let alone a study Bible of this caliber. I think that is pretty cool.

  5. I saw one on Saturday at my favorite Christian bookstore, and I really, really wanted to take it to the counter and pay for it … but I am on book buying hiatus at the moment. It looked great. Took all my intestinal fortitude to leave it behind.

  6. I wish I hadn't bought a copy of the ESV Study Bible just a few months ago; I love Pastor MacArthur, and this would have been great to have.However, I do have his NKJV Study Bible (a new copy!), and I do prefer the NKJV to the ESV for myself, so I suppose it's for the best. After all, if a Bible sits on the shelf gathering dust, it's not doing what it's supposed to, is it? ;-)

  7. They are being shipped internationally! I just got my request form through the mail yesterday, and sent it off at once. And I'm over here in the UK, where it's soggy in Stoke today.

  8. Fred, did you mean to say that you think John MacArthur's dispensational flavour is bizzarre, or that people disagreeing with it is? I ask because the phrase as it stands is ambiguous, rather like the pastor who announced to his congregation "I will wear no clothes to distinguish me from my fellow Christians." Shortly afterwards a cartoon appeared depicting the pastor removing his clothes.

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