Why Should Atheists Care About Japan?

When I arrived at work this morning, I learned of the massive 8.9 earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan. The quake produced tsunamis which devastated most of the coastal areas. The video images are horrific. Not even a Roland Emmerich film could capture such terrifying disaster.

I saw some video footage shot from a helicopter as it flew over a gigantic wave sweeping across the rural countryside of Japan knocking down houses, barns, what looked to be chicken coops, and swirling them all together in a heaving wall of destruction. What was entirely bone chilling with this footage was that I could see cars, obviously with people in them, attempting to escape this onslaught of liquid debris. From the vantage point of the helicopter, one could see the tsunami rolling around them to block what appears to be the only escape route. The people in the cars don’t see their way being blocked, and once they realize they can’t go that way, they quickly turn down a road that I can see leads only to the dead end of a plowed field where the water is headed. The water eventually overtakes them and they get swept up in the supersurge. I am sure as the days unfold over the next week, we’ll see even more, similar footage of this earthquake.

It is times like this, however, that cause me to reflect upon the meaning of life. Over the next few weeks, philosophical pundits, religious gurus, humanitarians, and a whole host of bloggers, will offer up their feelings and opinions as to what they think we should “feel” about the untold loss of life and property destruction. If Larry King was still doing a show, he’d have Deeppocks Chopra, some lesbian nun, Max Lucado, a rabbi, an iman, and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, all come on and talk about where God was during the Japanese earthquake.

These certainly are the events that puts the mettle of our chosen philosophical worldview to the test. It makes me wonder: what do atheists think when massive, soul-shaking disaster reminds us how helpless and frail our lives truly are and how fast they can end? In fact, at the risk of sounding callus, why do atheist even really care?

Oh yes. I know they do. There is genuine emotion being expressed by atheists over the scenes of people being swept out to sea only to be lost forever. I don’t discount that at all. In fact, I imagine there are atheist humanitarian groups, with red Darwin fishes on the sides of vans, mobilizing this moment, setting aside their vacation time to spend two weeks in Japan to help the citizens who have suffered such loss. But, why? Where is the “ought” in their worldview?

The pure, anti-supernatural, materialism that shapes their view of the world and the history of humanity offers no true reason to invest such time and energy. Except maybe doing so for their own, altruistic purposes. I reckon it makes them feel good, or something; or perhaps, they think their efforts benefits the future for humanity, or international, cultural relations at some point down the road.

But honestly, according to an atheistic worldview, an earthquake, an event that has happened millions of times over billions of years, created a tsunami that essentially killed off genetic producing biological meme machines. That’s all. Should Richard Dawkins shed any tears over this? If anything, the radical environmentalists should be happy, because big natural disasters thin the herd as it were. A few thousand less mouths to feed, a few thousand less carbon producing, oil using polluters messing up the planet.


The fact that atheists who are reading this are hating me right now and their anger will be expressed through the comments some of them may possibly leave under this post, demonstrates the profundity of the disconnect between what they preach and what they practice.

Atheists “preach” to me constantly from their blogs and their “science” websites, that mankind is merely the chance product of evolution. A genetic organism ran by the “software” of chemical reactions that have been acquired from traits passed along to sustain the survival of our species on a harsh planet throughout our long, brutal, bloody path to becoming homo sapiens.

Yet, atheists don’t practice what they preach. In a manner of speaking, they are sort of hypocritical. In spite of this underlying philosophy about humanity, when major tragedy occurs, we are to ignore such beliefs, become grieved over the profound sense of human lives lost to the point we are moved to act in compassion. But why should I if this is just the history of evolution taking its course as it has done millions of times before and allegedly will do millions of times again until our sun burns out and the earth dies?

Such hypocrisy does two good things: Lives are at least saved and materialistic atheism is debunked as a legitimate way to live life.


53 thoughts on “Why Should Atheists Care About Japan?

  1. yes, but first of all he is not the emperor of athiests/agnostics/whatev you think he is. as well you probably quote mined him- taking something outta context to make it look like he is saying something else, but anyways what book are you mentioning of dawkins

  2. Quote mined him? Seriously? So you’re familiar with “River out of Eden” and what he argues about evolution being an explanatory philosophy for pretty much all there is in the world. Or Daniel Dennett’s “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” which has a similar theme. You’re telling me neither of these men speak for you?

  3. “You’re telling me neither of these men speak for you?”
    no, and in that book by Dawkins, he never said that you should use descriptive things as proscriptive ones

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