Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

My wife sent this to me. It’s quite spectacular.

Two things come to mind upon seeing it.

If you go to these great lengths to ask a girl to marry you, you had better be sure she will say “yes.” If she runs out in frantic tears after you arrive, you will forever be remembered on “fail blog” and be a Youtube viral sensation for all the wrong reasons.

Second. There is a part of me who wants to get a posse of husbands together and lay a whippin’ on this guy for showing us all up.


4 thoughts on “Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

  1. Count me in this guy needs to be made an example of, I mean seriously I don't dare show this to my wife. It would just show up my own proposal.

  2. My thought: good heavens, if she can't even stop herself from talking constantly through this, what must it be like to try to watch a whole movie with her?

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