Gleanings from Daniel

My studies on the Book of Daniel.

Daniel, A Brief Introduction

Israel in Babylon: 1:1,2

An Uncompromising Life: 1:3-21

The God of Dreams: 2:1-23

Kingdoms and the Latter-day: 2:24-43

The Latter-days: 2:28

The Coming Kingdom: 2:44-49

The Fiery Trial: 3

The Humbling of Nebuchadnezzar: 4

Babylon Falls: 5

The Lion Den: 6

The Night Vision of the Four Beasts [1]: 7

The Night Vision of the Four Beasts [2]: 7

Excursus: Premillennialism and Daniel 7

The Ram and the Goat: 8:1-8, 15-22

Antiochus IV: Precursor to the Anti-Christ: 8:9-14, 23-27

Daniel Prays for Israel: 9:1-19

An Introduction to Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

God Answers Prayer: 9:20-24

Daniel’s Seventy Sevens: The Sabbatical Year: 9:24

Daniel’s Seventy Sevens: Prophetic date Setting: 9:25-27

True Spiritual Warfare: 10

The Testimony of Fulfilled Prophecy: Daniel 11:1-35

The Willful King: Daniel 11:36-45

The Final Triumph of God’s People: Daniel 12:1-3

God’s Prophetic Word: Daniel 12:4-13


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