Gleanings from Job

For those interested, here is the collection of devotional studies I did on the book of Job.

Introduction: 1:1-5

Job’s Trials: 1:6-12

Godly Grief: 2-3

Eliphaz’s Speech: 4-5

Job Answers Eliphaz: 6-7

Bildad’s Speech and Job’s Response: 8-10

Zophar’s Speech and Job’s Response: 11-14

How the Wicked Live: 15-17

Hope for the Wicked: 18-19

The Apparent Blessing of the Wicked: 20-21

High Crimes and Misdemeanors: 22-24

Who God Is: 25-26

Where True Wisdom is Found: 27-28

Closing Arguments: 29-31

Elihu Speaks: 32

God Has Heard and Has Spoken: 33

God is Just and Fair: 34-35

God is Sovereign and Acts Wisely: 36-37

Let God Be God: 38-42


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