Augustine on Genesis

An Examination of Augustine’s Commentaries on Genesis One and Their Implications on a Modern Theological Controversy

And while I am thinking about it,

On Mature Creation


7 thoughts on “Augustine on Genesis

  1. Hi Fred,I highly enjoy and recommend the Answers Research Journal. Great link. You might also be interested in the Journal of Creation put out 3 times a year by Creation Ministries International. You may already be familiar with this journal, and I might posit that you are already a subscriber? Good stuff Fred. Am hesitant to say that I don't know too much about Dr. Jon Byl, but I liked the link you provided about Mature Creation. Do you know his association?

  2. Hey Steve.From what I understand, Dr. Byl is an elder in a Canadian Reformed Church. I could be wrong about that. He teaches Astronomy at Trinity Western University which is somewhere in British Columbia I think. I could be wrong about that.He's a biblical, 6-day creationist. He has written two books worth your money and time: The Divine Challenge and God and Cosmos. Both of them are published by Banner of Truth but I am sure you can find them on Amazon. They may be out-of-print. More of his writings can be located HERE

  3. Thanks Fred,I'll check out his books and pay more attention to his blog. Might be because he's Canadian that I haven't heard too much about him. My faux pas.

  4. Fred,I did a little research on Dr. John Byl. He is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and is chair of the Mathematical Sciences Department at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia. He has a Ph.D in Astronomy from the University of British Columbia. I'm going to check out his books. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Fred,Seeking some consolation from a like minded 6-day creationist. I'm almost convinced to give up on trying to defend the 6-day position on any of the Christian blogs out there in the blogosphere. I'm ridiculed, vilified, and marginalized each time I try to defend the historic Christian position. I am truly disheartened to reach the conclusion that many, many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have capitulated on the authority of Scripture beginning in Genesis. I am almost convinced that it does no good and I shouldn't be wasting my precious time in dialog and debate on this issue on these so-called Christian blogs. If I were to have a private moment with someone like Pastor John MacArthur I'm sure he would be able to encourage me, strengthen me in this battle, but as I see it now, it is a fruitless effort. The only good news are the blogs like yours and Pyro and GTY that uphold the traditional six-day approach indefatigably (notwithstanding ICR, AIG, and CMI, although you don't get the chance to interact there with detractors). I surmise that I would do best by concentrating my efforts on blogs like yours and Pyro that bring this issue to the forefront from time to time. Excuse my rambling here, but I am thankful and yet disheartened and truly sad and somewhat disillusioned at my concentrated efforts.

  6. I understand exactly. Don't feel bad, its not like blog comments is the best ground for these discussions anyways. Depending on my time, I attempt to debate with others on this issue, not because I believe I will convince them of how wrong they are, but I know there are many others who read my interaction with these folks. They may agree with me (or not agree), but at least they get to read an answer to an objection and be encouraged.

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