Gleanings from Daniel [26]

God’s Prophetic Word (Daniel 12:4-13)

I come to the final chapter in Daniel’s great prophecy and his closing words.

But this is not Daniel’s prophecy, as it is God’s prophecy. Daniel is merely the mouth piece who conveys the revelation.

God’s prophecy – all of His prophecy – can stir our hearts to worship as we consider our great God who not only “Just knows” about the future, but has determined it by His decrees and is actively involved with His purposes unfolding and coming to pass in history.

As I close Daniel’s book, there are five truths regarding God’s prophetic word that should draw our hearts to praise.

I. It’s Preservation – 12:4

Daniel is told to take his words (and I believe this implies his entire prophetic word, chapters 1-12 – not just chapters 10-12) and shut them up and seal them. This isn’t the idea a few hold that his prophecy is to be “kept secret.” The concept of “shutting up” and “sealing” was applied to legal documents. The contents could not be altered or tampered with. The idea is preservation.

Daniel’s book is to be preserved all the way to the “time of the end.” Why? As the fulfillment comes, the wise will seek the contents to understand what is happening.

II. It’s Certainty – 12:5-7

A second element that elicits praise is the certainty of prophecy. We can know Daniel’s prophecy is certain, not because much of it it has been fulfilled, but by the one who gave it.

Affirmed by God – Remember, Daniel is by the Tigris river (10:4). The pre-incarnate Christ appeared to him accompanied by two beings, Gabriel being one of them. The man clothed in linen, Christ, makes an oath to God. The prophetic word is certain because both the Father and the Son affirm its authenticity.

Accomplishes its Purpose – These things will happen to Daniel’s people for 3 1/2 years. They come to pass so as to accomplish God’s purpose which ends with the people being “shattered.” In other words, Israel will be brought to their very end. That “shattering” brings them to desperation, and it is then when they look upon their Messiah and mourn for Him.

III. It’s Power – 12:10

God’s prophetic word has the power to do three things:

Purify and refine the righteous. The purpose of tribulation is to purify God’s people in Israel. To bring them to recognize their Messiah.

Expose the wicked. Contrasted with the righteous is the wicked who only do wickedness continually. Revelation 9:20, 21; 16:21. Rather than submit to God, they rebel.

Gives wisdom. This hearkens back to verse 4. Those who seek God’s wisdom during this time of trouble will be wise in heeding the prophet’s message.

IV. It’s Blessing – 12:11, 12

For the righteous who act in wisdom and allow the prophetic word to work in their lives, they will take heed to prophecy and subsequently be blessed.

Verse 11 introduces an odd figure. 1290 days. What exactly is this figure? There seems to be an extra 30 days added to the days of 3 1/2 years, or 1260 days. Additionally, there appears to be another 45 days added to the 1290 days which brings the total to 1335 days. What is with these extra days?

One possible explanation is that the 30 days involves Christ’s judgment of the nations as outlined in Matthew 25. The next 45 days is the preparation for the kingdom. In other words, preparing the land of Israel, such as cleansing the land of all the bodies after the battle of Armageddon. Thus, once the Lord finishes His judgment of the nations, and the land is cleansed, the 1,000 year reign of Christ begins. Hence what Daniel means as a blessing for those who see the 1335 days.

V. It’s Promise – 12:13

Verse 13 ends Daniel’s book with a personal promise to him. Daniel can be certain he will “arise,” (again, resurrection language), to his inheritance. It’s is a promise, I believe, extending even beyond Daniel, to all those who look upon Christ the Messiah as their savior.


3 thoughts on “Gleanings from Daniel [26]

  1. Well you've penned close to 34,000 words in this series and I enjoyed it all and learnt a lot. I even saved it to a big word doc for future reference. What's next on your radar?

  2. Really? 34,000 words? I am even amazed. I am not entirely sure. I do have notes from when I taught through 1 Samuel. I think I am doing it next.

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