Moose and Squirrel Theology

borisFormer Communist and now radical theonomist and contributing blogger for American Vision, Bojidar Marinov, says John MacArthur doesn’t believe in Calvin enough for his liking. Marinov complains that John only hits on Calvinist soteriology in this video and ignores sovereignty and all true Reformers reform all of society, not just salvation.

Marinov asks in combox post,

Please provide links to MacArthur’s views of:

1. Biblical social theory
2. Biblical economics
3. Biblical political theory
4. Biblical view of rights
5. Biblical view of law, justice, and civil rights
6. Biblical view of science
7. Biblical view of history
8. Biblical view of money, banking, inflation, debt
9. Biblical view of family, welfare, inheritance
10. Biblical view of education
11. Biblical view of war and international relations
12. Biblical view of mathematics
13. Biblical view of arts, literature, and aesthetics
14. Biblical view of slavery

The Reformers had them all; they didn’t limit their preaching to the church and salvation only, neither did they believe that you “first transform the individual, and then society is transformed.” MacArthur has nothing in these areas; he doesn’t even believe we should have a comprehensive theology in any of these areas.

Marinov goes on to say everything MacArthur has even tried to write in these areas is like a baby-man. Marinov’s little 14-year old girl writes deeper than MacArthur.


First, take a look at that video. John is specifically answering a question pertaining to the puerile behavior expressed by the so-called YRR. Boris… I mean, Marinov, is seizing upon one thought John offers and uses it as a spring board to write a nasty screed against the much larger areas he despises about John’s overall theology.

Secondly, John is a pastor and a preacher. He is not a religious academic. His primary focus is preaching from the Bible to a congregation on a weekly basis, so of course many of these subjects are not necessarily found in the material he is presenting to his people. None the less, it is rather ignorant to say John has “nothing” in these areas. John has taught on many of these subjects when preaching through the NT if the context warranted it. Those subjects he has not addressed are taught by teachers either at The Master’s College or Seminary and a lot of their courses would reflect John’s position. I would refer readers to the catalogs of both schools to get a fuller understanding of John’s views.

Additionally, a lot of these listed subjects are redundant, and this list can be shortened a bit. But let me note where John has expressed his views on them.

Biblical economics, money, banking, inflation and debtMastering Your Money, Whose Money is it Anyway?

Biblical political theory, law, justice, and civil rightsWhy Government Can’t Save You, The Christian and Government

Biblical view of scienceBattle for the Beginning

Biblical view of historyWhere in the World is History Headed

Biblical view of family , welfare, inheritanceThe Fulfilled Family, God’s High Calling for Women, What The Bible Says about Parenting

Biblical view of war and international relations – The War in the Gulf: A Biblical Perspective, Pt. 1, 2, 3, 4

Biblical view of education, mathematics, arts, literature, and aesthetics – see catalog for the Master’s College.

Biblical view of slavery (biblical view of slavery? Surely Marinov isn’t into owning slaves?) – Slave

7 thoughts on “Moose and Squirrel Theology

  1. I should say this strange blogger Bojidar is yet one more fake convert who has changed little since he still carried his Communist membership card. When the Berlin wall came down, all kinds of organizations were flooded with "ex"- Marxlists who, all at the same time, decided they saw the light.But they somehow seem to be saying the same things they said before…

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