Welcome to My New Digs

When I began blogging in 2005 I had no clue what a template was or what function html codes actually played on a website.  I just knew I wanted a quick and simple way I could post my opinions and thoughts to the world wide web.

I was told Blogger provided what I wanted, so I checked it out and with three easy steps, I had my blog “Hip and Thigh” up and running.

It has always been and still remains a minimalist looking blog. There isn’t a lot of bells and whistles.  That’s primarily because I haven’t developed the graphic and publishing skills like I’d like.  I’ve wanted to for sure; I’ve just not had the time to sit down and learn what I need to do.

So I turned my attention and skills to addressing theological matters.  I figured, even if I have a pretty blog to see, if the content is lame, what’s the point?  As much as I would love to combine the pretty with the content, I just haven’t.  I learned to post pictures and videos, and that is as pretty as I can get.

As my blog chugged along over the last seven years, I’ve addressed a myriad of topics I believe are significant to Christians.  Such things as gay “evangelicals,” KJVOnlyism, creation/evolution issues, and apologetic methodology.  I also have welcomed commenters. I learn from them and they sharpen my thinking with their questions and objections.  Even the nasty, ugly trolls who hate my guts can be useful in this way.

But as I was learning the ins-and-outs of Blogger,  I have always had issues with the blogging program.  There have been a few times where I had  composed a wondrous blog on a extremely timely subject that I knew for sure was going to be linked by one of the big “Band of Bloggers” guys, only to have Blogger give me a warning that it couldn’t connect to the “mother site.” The next thing I knew: *POOF.*  The entire post was gone, or only a quarter of it was saved, and the inspiration that moved my fingers to dance over the keyboard with feverish alacrity was no longer present to compile the post again.  Thankfully, Windows Live Writer came along and that has helped to eliminate disappearing posts eaten alive by Blogger.

I also began to loathe Blogger‘s comment program.  At first, I learned to turn on the “captcha” code to eliminate spam, but spammers managed to get past the code box and it became a daily battle having to weed out the Asian porn spam.  I finally changed the comments to being strictly moderator approved and that cut the spam off completely.

However, I didn’t like the fact that the comments were an “all or nothing” deal.  I couldn’t go back and edit comments for content. I mean, sometimes a nasty tempered commenter would leave a comment I just had to respond to, but it contained F-bombs and other profanity that I didn’t want on my site.  While he may have had some good challenges, I couldn’t edit out the profanity.  Not to mention I couldn’t even edit my own comment if I happen to misspell a word.  I had to either live with the typo or delete it and re-write my comment.  The same with the profanity spewing troll.  If I could *bleep* out his profanity, while leaving the more “substantive” stuff, that would be great; but I couldn’t.  I had to delete the comment completely or not approve it at all.

Later, Blogger updated its software and all us “blogspot” people were exhorted to upgrade to the new Blogger.  I did and it took me about 8 hours to hate the new Blogger like cancer.  So I moved back to the old version until I was forced into the new version.  What was terrible about it was how I would write up an article in WLW, post it to my blog and it would look great.  Later, if I happen to discover a typo, when I went to fix it in the Blogger post editor, my post would be reformatted.  Giant, over-sized type, or everything ran together like a massive sized paragraph.  I would have to go through the entire thing just to make it look like I had it before.

Apparently, commenters to my blog have similar buggy problems with Blogger.  They’d write up a withering reproof to something I wrote only to have their comment disappear in the Blogger triangle or something.  This must have happened a few weeks ago to a long time reader who emailed me privately and begged me to move my blog to WordPress.

I’ve been using WordPress for a couple of years now for my articles on premillennialism. I liked the expanded options I had with WordPress and I especially liked the fact I could go back and edit comments.  An even bigger plus was the fact WordPress gives you the person’s physical IP and email address.  That way, if I needed to contact a person off-line, I would have a better chance of connecting with him or her.   Moreover, WP tracks my stats automatically, so I didn’t have to add a stats tracking program to see how many people had stopped by.

I’ve been thinking about moving my blog fully to WP, but I just hadn’t worked up the courage to do so. The last thing I want was the hassle of moving seven years worth of blood, sweat, and tears that I have labored over like giving birth to a child only to have it all gone in a matter of seconds.  After a few email exchanges, however, my friend informed me I could confidently do it.  So I did some research, watched some “how-to” videos, and gave it a try and now here you are.

I still have some “decorating” to do.  For example, all of my article series are linked under the article page listed at the top, but many of the links still point back to the old blogspot site. I’ll be slowly re-linking the articles to their new location over the next few weeks.

I also took sometime to scan through my blog roll. I eliminated those blogs that hadn’t been updated in several months or even years.  Sorry if you didn’t make the cut.  I also eliminated the blogs near the bottom of my old site that I had listed under such things as “quack theology” and “muddled theology.”  I rarely, if ever, looked at those sites and I’ve moved passed being snarky.

I haven’t entirely figured out how everything works.  One thing I don’t like is that my “Twitter” feed isn’t a nice looking widget box with my picture on it.  I liked the way the “Twitter” feed looked at blogspot.  Here, it’s just my most recent tweets.  It looks too drab.  If someone knows how to fix that, drop me a line and tell me.  At any rate, the transition went much smoother than I anticipated, so I thought I would start directing folks here.  I should be back to normal blogging shortly.




8 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Digs

  1. Well done Fred I love the new look and feel you made it look like your old blog but new at the same time.

  2. Glad to see the migration went smoothly!

    The only issue I noticed is that the new blog is only displaying the last 10 posts in your syndication feed (RSS). If you want people to be able to automatically get the OLD articles on the NEW site, you need to up that number and/or experiment with the number of articles that can be loaded on the fly.

    I think these settings are in SETTINGS > READING for the basic WP sites.

    Other than that…looks good!

  3. When you say that I want to let people automatically get the old articles on the new site, are you saying that those who subscribed to the old blogpost site will only be getting the last 10 articles I posted that have since been moved to WP? Is it even necessary for them to get the last 10 seeing that more than likely they already got them? Setting the number higher may be over whelming.


  4. FWIW, in my experience, the expected behavior is that you get the full feed. If you want to be considerate of bandwidth (and unless you have a ton of readers on dialup, that’s probably not relevant), you just set the additional number of articles that get pushed out when they scroll past the limit to something reasonable…like 10 or so.

    As it stands now, anyone who subscribes to your WP site won’t see articles prior to this: https://hipandthigh.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/the-butler-familys-favorite-children-books/

    If they wanted to navigate your previous posts while remaining in their RSS reader…they can’t. They either have to 1) come to the new site and poke around, 2) go to the old site and poke around, or 3) go to the old site and grab THAT feed since it does enable progressive loading.

    That’s certainly not the end of the world. But unless that’s what you expected AND wanted to happen…you might want to tweak it. I just wanted to make sure you knew it was behaving that way.

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