Gay Mafia Jihadists Hit Squads and Chick-Fil-A

So. On August 1st of this year, pro-family folks across the nation who recognize same-sex marriage as the perverted sham that it is, swarmed upon the Chick-Fil-A restaurants to show support for their biblical based values.

You know the story. CFA President, Dan Cathy, had made comments on a Christian radio program that he was “guilty as charged” for upholding a biblical view of marriage and was opposed to revising the definition of marriage to placate the perverse sensibilities of the gay community.  That only enraged the gay mafia. Both the mayors of Boston and Chicago were like, “Ya noz, that’s like a really nice bizzness uzz got there. Toz bad uzz can’t put one in our citiz.”

That response only stirred up the normal folks in the world to launch their own protest of sorts with buying chicken sandwiches and causing nearly every Chick-Fil-A establishment in the country to sell out of food. The day was epic.  A huge fail for the left and their militant homosexual jihadists.  They attempted some lame “kiss-in” thing the Friday following the national support day that was another fail for them.

This past week, I had a few of my sweet volunteers telling me on Tuesday that Chick-Fil-A had caved to the strong arm corporate bullying tactics by the gay mafia jihadist hit squads.  I was directed to media blogs that proclaimed how CFA was no longer going to fund “anti-gay organizations,” “anti-gay” being gay mafia new speak for Christian organizations who believe in marriage as defined by our Creator and the Bible. The city council of Chicago, one of the cities illegally blocking CFA from opening restaurants, claimed victory against CFA and their dinosaurish views of “marriage.”

Normal people, however, were rightly outraged.  Commenters left scathing remarks under those media blog items renouncing CFA and promising to never eat there again. Even many of my dear friends I follow on twitter were tweeting out their woes of how CFA had become another corporate victim of the gay mafia and were now forced to pay “protection” money just so they could open establishments in Chicago. Had Dan Cathy thrown all his major support – the normal folks of America who came out in hordes on August 1st – under the bus?

I heard the laments from my friends and read the reports, and I smelled something fishy. I just couldn’t imagine CFA would do something like that. What was next? Them opening on Sundays now?

Of course, my scam-gar detector was correct. Come to find out that CFA had once again been maligned by a media smear campaign.  First and foremost is the fact that CFA had never funded “political causes.”.  None of the so-called “anti-gay” pro-family organizations named in the media reports ever received funds from CFA to begin with.  Moreover, as the World Nut Daily reported, according to CFA financial records, the last donation to any suspicious anti-gay group was in 2010, which would mean nothing had changed.

The Baptis Press had a fuller story by Friday afternoon that had Dan Cathy stating clearly that they made no concessions, and he went on Mike Huckabee’s program to affirm just that. So. As one commenter under the Huckabee link wrote, “What’s easier to believe? That Dan Cathy sold-out his core values he has held all his life, or that a Chicago mayor lied to save face with his lefty constituents?”

One thing I would like to hear CFA say, however, is that they will still support groups like Focus on the Family and back up that support with a big fat donation in an over-sized, novelty check ceremony.


One thought on “Gay Mafia Jihadists Hit Squads and Chick-Fil-A

  1. It’s incredible how low and how sinful people will go in attacking Chick Fil A, from hatred and now even lies. You should see Chick Fil A’s facebook page…it’s filled with so much wickedness of pro-homosexuals venting and blaspheming.

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