Is Kirk Cameron Jumping the Shark?

I have always been a distant admirer of Kirk Cameron. He and his family attended my church a few years ago, back in the mid-2000s or so.  I remember bumping into him – literally – after church one Sunday.

I’ve appreciated watching over the years how the media doesn’t know how to handle him. He was, at one time, a fairly well-known celebrity.  Then, he gets all religious and starts talking about Jesus.  And it wasn’t that syrupy, candy and flowers testimony stuff talking about how Jesus is my best friend that so-called “Christian” celebrities tend to say.  Kirk spoke profoundly at times about sin, the means of salvation, and our need for redemption.

I truly enjoyed his Way of the Master program when he was teamed with Ray Comfort. It was one of the only times I watched TBN.  Together, they presented some great modeling for doing evangelism.  When Todd Friel came along and did a radio program in conjunction with WOTM, some of the really great programs was when Kirk joined Todd and they talked about current trends in evangelical circles, or just normal Bible study stuff.  I remember one episode where they had some great suggestions on how to study and teach the Bible exegetically.

Then Kirk did Fireproof which was a bit sappy for my tastes, but it was a decent film none the less.  I appreciated the guy’s effort to involve himself in a movie about troubled marriages and how to persevere through Christ.

However, over the last year or so, there have been troubling reports about Kirk and his affiliations. Especially in light of his Monumental documentary that advocated the David Barton perspective on American history.

Now I can understand him being taken in by David Barton’s pseudo-historical research. Lot’s of people have been.  Who’s to say how relevant one of Barton’s laminated letters from the desk of Samuel Adams is to the Christian underpinnings of American government.

But Barton isn’t really the troubling aspect with Kirk.  It’s his buddying up with Mormon, Glenn Beck, to promote his documentary, that again, is suppose to be about America’s Christian heritage that is most problematic. Why would Kirk Cameron, who once did an expose’ on the cultic history of the Mormon church back during season three of WOTM, now want to team-up with a Mormon to promote David Barton’s “America-has-an-Evangelical-Christian-national-heritage” narrative?

I can understand how Beck is a major media personality who does a talk show and now has a TV channel.  If you are looking to getting the word out on an upcoming documentary you want the public to see, being a guest on Beck’s program would be routine.  It would be like going on Hannity’s show or Dennis Prager’s.

Yet Kirk’s relationship with Beck seems to go beyond the typical promotional circuit authors and film makers travel when they release a book or movie.  Beck was involved with the premiere of Monumental when it opened earlier this year, and now Kirk is promoting one of Beck’s projects about the unelectability of Obama.

I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with that sort of partnership, because it involves conservative politics.  In the case of Monumental, however, Kirk pushed that documentary as a lighthouse calling Americans back to the roots that make them “American,” that being Christianity.  If you are a Bible-believing Christian directing American citizens back to faith in God and our alleged Christian heritage, you can’t bring a Mormon along for the ride.  They are not Christians.

One website is decrying Kirk’s involvement with Beck as the compromise of “patriotic idolatry.”  I think that is an apt description, and I hope it is one Kirk will consider.

Thankfully, at his facebook page, as well as his own website promoting this Beck program on Obama, commenters are rightly taking him to task for his partnership with Beck.  I am guessing Kirk doesn’t really read the comments, because he doesn’t offer any rebuttals or explanation to his detractors as to why he is doing what he is doing.  In fact, the comments look to be hardly moderated, because woven in among the righteous indignation of Christians rebuking his compromise are Mormons defending their orthodoxy and heaping shame on those who say they’re not Christians.  Their presence unchallenged on Kirk’s website makes me worry about the guy.


3 thoughts on “Is Kirk Cameron Jumping the Shark?

  1. We enjoyed watching him on WOTM, too, but I am getting increasingly concerned about his connections with Doug Phillips/Vision Forum, Botkin, and those folks – Patriarchy, Full Quiver, Courtship, etc. There can be some very legalistic leanings in that group.

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