Audio Messages Worth Your Time

I have a couple of audio downloads for your consideration.  Well. I guess I should say three individual speakers, four downloads in all.

First is a series of three lectures on Geopolitics and the Bible that I have been waiting for a while to come on-line so I can direct readers to them.  They are presentations presented by Mathias Kern at Grace Church earlier in September.  He spent a lot of time living in Spain analyzing the political situation in Europe and the Middle East for the Spanish government. He is currently studying here at TMS.  He touches on the situation in Israel, Iran, the Arab Spring, the coming economic collapse of the euro, and number of other events that honestly dove-tail into the end-times.

Some folks, I’m thinking the Gary Demar types, will accuse him of sensationalism with the material he presents and that he is reading too much into it.  I find his stuff much more sobering than sensationalistic, especially that sensationalism of the Hal Lindsey variety.  I would encourage readers to download them and give them a listen before drawing those conclusions. He presents some scary, but exciting things, that are happening in the world that Christians in America are just oblivious to.

Geopolitics and the Bible Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Next, and continuing on the theme I raised in my post about voting for Mitt Romney, is a radio interview Michael Brown did with Doug Groothius as to whether or not a Christian can vote for a Mormon.  You should just concern yourself with the first hour.  Groothius does a masterful job explaining why it is okay for Christians to vote for a Mormon presidential candidate, along with offering excellent rebuttals to the challenging callers who disagree with him.  The callers parrot a lot of the arguments I’ve been hearing, so it was good to hear a solid response.

I’m aware of Christians who plan to not vote at all this election and that would be disastrous, let alone irresponsible for a Christian to do in our society.  This interview/”debate” may help challenge your thinking on this area.

A Debate with Prof. Doug Groothius on Whether Christians Can Vote for Romney and Dr. Brown’s Thoughts on “Reach Out and Resist”


3 thoughts on “Audio Messages Worth Your Time

  1. Fred,
    Re: Kern’s talks. Very sobering. Very informative. Glad you posted them. I echo your call for a consideration to listen for all. If believed, there were several things in them that I think call for further discussion and preparation by Christians.

    1) If believed that the USA is headed for an imminent debt collapse or currency collapse, what should Christians be doing now to prepare themselves, their families and friends for in its aftermath? What will a debt collapse look like, and how will it affect what you and I do on a daily or hourly basis? In other words, what practical things should we be thinking about and preparing for now? Are we talking about stockpiling food and basic necessities, buying generators for brown or black outs, forming co-ops of neighbors or church members as support groups, etc.?

    2) Is this something that our pastors should be warning us about from the pulpit, or if not, providing instruction and education on within other meetings in our churches?
    A. Instruction on what it will look like, how it will affect each of us in our neighborhoods
    B. What preparation steps are needed to prepare us to survive with the means necessary to provide for our families and friends.

  2. Enjoyed listening to Doug Groothius on the Line of Fire show he answered a lot of questions I’ve had thrown at me by the “I can’t vote for a Mormon/Either of the two main candidates/I’m going to vote third party people I’ve come across. I’ll get these talks downloaded to my IPhone and listen to them at work.

  3. After listening to the first series by Mathias, I found the idea of a muslim antichrist to be quite compelling.
    It’s interesting that most people think of three areas of politcal/religous affairs as seperate, yet they are all intertwined.
    First you have secular conservative politics that cry out about marxism, communitarianism and liberal politics being our demise.
    Secondly you many within the reformed camp of the church speaking out against the charismatic movement, the seeker sensitive movement, and the emergent church as being our demise.
    Thirdly you have many people crying out that the muslims are going to be our demise.

    What I honestly think, is all three of these aspects need to be considered in one big picture.
    -Liberal post-modern politics has created a society that cannot stand up for what it believes, because it doesn’t know what it believes and holds “tolerance of others” and “political correctness” as important.
    -With the weak theological views of the seeker sensitive movement and wacked out theology within the charasmatic circles, true Christianity is not being preached! It is evident that with no truth, people have have no solid ground to stand on, let alone the ability to discern or think critically. Many people scoff at Christianity and turn to atheism.
    -These two aspects leave a huge spiritual void that the muslims are happy to fill. It’s really quite amazing how all three of these peices are coming together.

    But that’s just my current oppinion of things from what I’ve observed. One thing that I know for sure is that God is soveriegn and all of these things are happening according to his will.

    Timothy D

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