EW Jackson’s Message to Black Christians

One of the major political elephants that rarely if ever gets discussed publicly is the black community’s unwavering support of the Democrat party.  Obviously it is not 100%, but it is a rather large majority.

It has always mystified me.  Especially black Christians in particular, who allegedly hold to polar opposite moral convictions than what is promoted by modern Democrats.  The biggest example: the same-sex marriage initiatives like Prop. 8 in CA and the recent one in NC that defined marriage as only being between a man and a woman, was overwhelmingly supported by the black community. Yet same-sex marriage is heavily advocated by Democrats. I find that a bizarre disconnect.

Thankfully, that issue has awakened many black Democrats who are beginning to realize what their political party of choice defends is not what they personally believe. Many are calling for an exodus of sorts from the Democrat party.

One fellow is actually calling on black Christians to do just that.  This video has been making the rounds, so I imagine a number of folks may have already seen it.

I know nothing about the guy. His bio at his personal website (he’s running for office, btw) states he attended Harvard divinity school.  That causes my orthodoxy alarm bells to go off.  He may be a UPC minister for all I know, but what he says, he says it pointedly, bluntly, effectively and with authority.

And if you want more, Dr. Michael Brown discussed the man’s video recently, as well as interviewed a black pastor in NC about the issue of black leaders who can no longer support the Democrats.  It may be worth your listening.


1 thought on “EW Jackson’s Message to Black Christians

  1. I don’t know who he is but I totally agree with what he says in this video. That is good advice for a Christian of any race.

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