Answering Survivor Bloggers and Other Sundry Theological Cranks

My various articles over the years interacting with the survivor blogger phenomenon, critics of John MacArthur and Grace Church, misguided individuals, and theological cranks.

The Survivor Bloggers: Julie Anne Smith and her coven

Sheep Attacks
Wicked Sheep
Responding to the Wolf Watchers
Canis Lupus Pastoral
A Word to Our Benevolent Dictators

Bob Johnson: Conspiracy Theorist, Al Mohler Hater and John MacArthur Basher

My Interview with a Crackpot
The Bob Johnson Saga: A Conspiracy Driven Life
Profile Not Available
The Bob Johnson Saga Continued
An Update on Bob Johnson

Miscellaneous Articles

When Bad Exegesis and Right-wing Conspiracies Come Together
Bob Larson’s Delusions of Grandeur [Bob Larson]
When King Jimmy’s Attack [Gail Riplinger and the KJVO crowd]
Gail, Interrupted [Gail Riplinger]
Dishonest Churches [Anti-Calvinistic SBC churches]
Dire Warnings [David Cloud]
Onward Calvin’s Soldiers [David Cloud]
Calvinistic Conspiracies [David Cloud, Hughie Seaborn]
How Semi-Pelagian Legalists Took Over a Baptist Church [David Cloud, Hughie Seaborn]
The Mike Warnke of this Generation [Ergun Caner]
Caner New Speak [Ergun Caner]
Revive Us Again…With a Boot to the Head [Todd Bently]
The David Barton Controversy [David Barton, Wall Builders Ministry]
Reformed Whalers [fake pastor/teacher, Joel Taylor]
Ernest T. Bass Blogging [fake pastor/teacher, Joel Taylor]
Manufacturing Mole Hills [Steve Camp]
Drinkin’ in the Boys Room [Steve Camp and the liberty drinkers]
The Iconoclast [Steve Camp and the liberty drinkers]
Lame Arguments Liberty Drinkers Should Avoid [liberty drinkers]
Jesus on Tap [liberty drinkers]
Case of the Winebibbing Church Leader [liberty drinkers]
Food Pharisees [food pharisees]
No Sympathy for the Fat Guy [food pharisees]
The Apple-Orange Fallacy [YRR church planters]
The Techno-Driven Church [weird church planters]
Youts in Revolt [Secular critics of Church]
Evangelical Suckers [Christian film makers]
Celebrating 40 Years of Terrible Film Making! [Christian film makers]
Moose and Squirrel Theology [American Vision and supporters]
Glamour Magazine Theology [Mark Driscoll and fans]
Jumping the Theological Shark [Rick Warren and fans]
City of the Wymyn Slaves [Women libbers]
MacArthur’s He-man Warrior Children [Women libbers]
Rage Against the Machine [Anti-homeschoolers]
7 Truths LGBT Kids Need to Hear from Homeschooling Parents [Anti-homeschoolers]
Evangelical Dog and Pony Shows [Squishy evangelicals]
Replacement Protesters at Grace Church [anti-Semites]
Critical Thinkin’ 101 with Robert Baty [Sye TenBen hater]
Patriarchy is NOT the Problem [Complementarian haters]
Former Fundies with Truth Issues [Former Fundies]
Chris Pinto’s Disingenuous Response to his Critics [Chris Pinto]
Perry Noble’s Apology [Perry Noble]
Beyond Fabrication: Putting the Vision into Revision [American Vision and Supporters]
Brother’s Keeper [Theonomist Crowd]
Jesus and Taxes [Jamin Hubner]
Let’s Review an AHA Pamphlet [Dominionist anti-abortion church haters]
AHA Takes Me On [Dominionist anti-abortion church haters]

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