Podcasts Worth Your Time

I added a new category to my sidebar link: Podcasts I believe are worth your investment with time. Let me highlight them for you.

David Wheaton’s Christian Worldview program.  David’s weekend, 1 hour radio program always has some interesting topic and/or guest.

Copperfield Bible Church.  This is the preaching of Dan Phillips of Biblical Christianity and Pyromaniacs.  Dan has been a tremendous internet pal to me and he and I think a lot alike on many theological issues. I’ve been listening to his series on Titus. It is fabulous exposition.  I believe there is maybe 9 sermons so far and Dan has just wrapped up an overview through the first 4 verses! You’ll be blessed to listen.

Stand to Reason. The weekend podcast of Greg Koukl. I’m not keen on the classic apologetics he advocates, but overall, Greg has some good stuff.

The Dividing Line.  The webcast of James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. By far one of my favorite apologists.  I appreciate his discipline and integrity when it comes to proclaiming biblical apologetics in our culture.

The Grace Life Pulpit.  The Sunday morning teaching of Phil Johnson and Mike Riccardi.

The Line of Fire.  The weekly radio ministry of Michael Brown. And to head off any comments, yes, I am well aware that Dr. Brown is charismatic and leans heavily toward Arminian theology, but where he is solid, he’s solid and I’ve truly grown to appreciate the man’s ministry. BTW, James White is the one who introduced me to his stuff, so a Calvinist is to be blamed.

Truth Community Fellowship. This is the preaching of Don Green, who used to be featured on the Grace Life Pulpit.  God graciously brought him to a church plant in the Cincinnati area where he now pastors a growing flock that currently meets at the Creation Museum.

Now, also to head off any commenters chastising me for not mentioning Al Mohler, he has a couple of good podcasts, too, as I understand it.  Since his weekly show stopped, I haven’t been listening with as much regularity, if at all, to his new and re-tooled programs, and hence the reason I didn’t note them.  Still, they are probably worth your time.

And, a shout out to the preaching of my pal Gene Clyatt who pastors Parkside Baptist Church in Montana.  His sermon archive isn’t completely up-to-date, but I’ve enjoyed hearing the ones I’ve heard.



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