Biblical and Theological Studies

Articles I have written on various biblical, exegetical, and theological studies.

Doctrinal Subjects


Hell’s Bell
Hell Raisers
Soul Man

Doctrine of Salvation

The Assurance of Eternal Security [1]
The Assurance of Eternal Security [2]
The Assurance of Eternal Security [3]
The Assurance of Eternal Security [4]

What Does It Mean to be Blotted Out of the Book of Life?
Thoughts on the Warning Passages of Scripture

Spiritual Unity

Words to the Stronger and Weaker Among Us
Serving the Weaker Brother
Exhortations to the Weaker Brother

Spirituality and God’s Will

Some Questions about Gut-check Spirituality
The No Gut-check Method of Doing God’s Will
The Cessation of Spiritual Gifts

Book Studies

Gleanings in Job

Gleanings in Daniel

Theological Studies

Studies in Eschatology
The God of Weights and Measures
God Knows
Practical Thoughts on the Downfall of Mark Sanford

Bible Studies

The Length of Israel’s Sojourn in Egypt
Returning to Egypt [1]
Returning to Egypt [2]
Returning to Egypt [3]
An Addendum on Israel’s Sojourn in Egypt

Suicide and Assisted Suicide in the Bible

Slaves or Servants? [Part 1] [Part 2]

Selling Daughters into Slavery
The Sex Trade and the Bible
Does the Bible Teach that A Woman Must Marry Her Rapist?
Atheist Chivalry

Christians and Tattoos

The Incarnation and Idolatry
How Exactly is this Picture an Idol?

Raqia and Ancient Cosmology

A “Literal” Pop Quiz

Dispensationalism,  Hal Lindsey, and Typology 

Let’s Talk About the Christological Hermeneutic

4 thoughts on “Biblical and Theological Studies

  1. Hi Fred,Are you ever going back to the unanswered questions left from "Soul Man," "Hell's Bells," and "The No Gut-check Method"?Those were some great discussions but we never resolved many crucial questions about the body-soul duality, how to understand the Lazarus parable, why the pagans understood so much more about the afterlife for thousands of years, or how God speaks to us through and in addition to the Bible.If these issues are important enough for determining whether someone is a heretic or not, then we need better understanding. Thanks.

  2. They were some good discussions, and I put the email alerts I received from the commenters like you in a folder to remind me about them. The problem is just a matter of time. Plus, I get easily distracted with other stuff.So patience. One of these days you'll see them.

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