Readings in Dispensational Theology

While we’re on the subject of John MacArthur bashers, a good many of them of the Reformed Covenant persuasion use him as an extension to bash Dispensational theology.  Fake pastor-teacher Joel is a prime example. Typically, though, those folks bash what they do not know. Or perhaps better, what they have been told to believe about Dispensationalism from other bashers who went before them.

Regrettably, that only misdirects those folks into the dangerous fields of strawmen where they flail wildly about thwacking everything they’ve been duped into accepting as “heresy.”  It’s this sort of theological Quixotic adventurism that gives us such eye-rolling absurdities like the 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism (BTW, read a brutal rebuttal to them HERE).

A couple of years ago, I attempted to help out my Covenant Reformed bros. by giving them some resources they may wish to consider before they embarrass themselves like fake pastor-teacher Joel or other young, Reformed bomb throwers.

What Dispensationalists Believe

This past week, Paul Henebury put up a more extensive list of Dispensational resources. That expands greatly upon my extremely meager offering from two years ago.

Recommended Reading in Dispensationalism

He comments on his recommendations, as well as puts an asterisk next to the ones where money should be spent first. That is always helpful.

[UPDATE] An additional list that may be of some use for folks is Michael Vlach’s list of 40 Dispensational Resources. Together with Paul’s list, a person will have a well-rounded understanding of what Dispesnationalism teaches.

Someone left a comment suggesting a similar list put together for Covenant Theology.  I’d personally like to see that.  I can think of maybe Robert Reymond’s Systematic Theology, which I like and even agree with up and until he gets into this subject where I think he goes off the rails. Also G.K Beale’s book, New Testament Biblical Theology, a full review and critique can be read HERE.  I had some additional ones I listed under my link above, so check those out as well.

5 thoughts on “Readings in Dispensational Theology

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  2. You know that might not be a bad idea a good reading list of Covenant Theology would be an appropriate compliment to this list.

  3. If you follow the link over to Paul Henebury’s site, in the comments, there area handful of excellent recommendations, though I agree with you that I’d like to see an equally good list for the CT perspective.

  4. Fred,

    I’ve been hearing a lot about New Covenant Theology recently, but I can’t get a solid definition out of anyone who holds to this theology. Can you provide a clear summary as to what they believe and possible some pros and cons of the view? Thanks!

  5. Essentially they believe that Christ is a new lawgiver that supplants the original law of the OT with a new law of Christ. They reject the idea of a three-fold division in the law moral, civil, and ceremonial. They claim they never had those divisions and were always unified as one cohesive whole. The Christian is obligated to the NT law that was given by Jesus. The Master’s Seminary devoted a journal to exploring NCT that maybe helpful for review,

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