The Pastor and His Sermon Prep.

One of the highlights with the Shepherd’s Conference every year is the panel Q&A with the participants that generally takes place on Thursday of the conference.  This year, John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Tom Pennington, Al Mohler, and Steve Lawson chatted with each other about their sermon preparation and the techniques and steps they take to craft their messages.

Of the group, only Phil does his work on a computer. Pretty much all the other guys do their prep long hand writing with a fountain pen. That revelation warmed my heart, because I am one of those guys trapped in the transition between the hand-writing age/computer age, and I learned in college how to take my notes and prepare a rough draft long hand, and then write it out on a typewriter (remember those!) and now a computer. I do that with my sermons as well as even blogging at times, particularly my longer blog articles I compile.

The conversation was interesting and fun to hear as the men explained the reason for why they prepare the way the do. It’s the one session I recommend all pastors to download.

Shepherd’s Conference 2013 Q&A

4 thoughts on “The Pastor and His Sermon Prep.

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  2. I listened to that part of the Q&A. I thought it was humorous, but I disagreed with MacArthur and the others about writing vs. using a computer. Strongly.

  3. I enjoyed this year’s Q&A alot because there were multiple people answering. I’m too entrenched in the computer age, a realization I noted by these guys’ conversation.

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