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My blogging will be slowing down considerably the next few months. Not only is the family moving into a new house (and those of you who have moved know what an ordeal that can be), but I’ve been tapped as one of a number of guys to help with a writing project here at work, so I want to spend my time concentrating on that instead.

At any rate, I have some reviews and some items I’ll be posting, but they are currently on the back-burner.

In the meantime, I wanted to direct your attention to a podcast interview with good old atheist hunter, Sye Ten Bruggencate.  He was recently on Apologia Radio plugging a new video project he was involved with called Answering the Fool. Click the link and you can watch a preview trailer of Sye beating up on hapless college atheists.

The discussion the group had with the atheist, Andre, was good. Kudos for Andre for being willing to take on three Christians at once and kudos to the Christians for the graciousness. My only constructive criticism is I felt the hosts interrupted the fellow a little too much and wouldn’t allow him to finish defining his terms. Moreover, as much as I enjoy Sye utilizing presuppositionalism to smack down atheists, I’d like to see him model the apologetic in other venues, say for example with Mormons, or Muslims, or Wiccans.

I have some other points of disagreement with how those guys engaged Andre, but I need to ponder how to express them without coming across as nit-picky and negative, because I do appreciate what Sye and those Apologia radio fellows are attempting to do.

Secondly I have been meaning for sometime now to direct folks’ attention to a major catalog of online resources by Bible teacher, Charles Clough. I was introduced to his teaching by Tommy Ice and his son David who is currently enrolled at TMS.

Clough spent seven years teaching a Biblestudy class a biblical framework for understanding the Scriptures. Those lectures were recorded and are now available online. There are six major sections each with a number of lessons. The lessons can be downloaded, along with pdfs of the handouts: Biblical Framework, course overview

I have listened to the first section on Genesis, which was well-done and encouraging, as well as some lessons from his sections on the covenants and eschatology. Clough is a presuppositionalist and a Dispensationalist which makes him refreshing to hear.  However, like any Bible teacher, he’s not without what I would consider “problem areas.” As I understand it, he’s a non-Lordship guy, but I haven’t really encountered that from him with what I have heard so far, so listen with discernment. Again, all that I have heard has been outstanding and a blessing.


4 thoughts on “Apologetic Audio Links

  1. Also, Charlie had some of his roots in the teaching of Col. Bob Thieme. You could hear some of it in his teaching in the 1970s, though even then he was far from a clone. What-all specific breaks he had and has made, I don’t know.

  2. Folks have accused John Mac. of being heavily influenced by Thieme, though I wouldn’t know where exactly seeing I have never heard or read the Thieme fellow. All my knowledge about him is second-hand hearsay. Surely some fanboy had to have put up a website or something. I’ll have to check.

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