We’re Moving…Again UPDATE

shoehouseThis weekend has been hectic.

The family moved out of our former domicile as of this Sunday afternoon.  However, the new domicile is not ready and is still in the process of renovation; which is good for us because we will have all of these great upgrades and stuff. However, all of our belongs are in storage pods and will eventually have to be moved again.

The place we got was once a former drug/flop house that was seized in a raid. Oddly in a nice, well-to-do neighborhood. Thus, the person “flipping” the house has to work through layers of city inspecting bureaucracy to actually flip the house, and those inspectors have delayed our ultimate move-in until next week.

We are currently “homeless” but we have some dear friends taking us in. There’s like 12 or 13 of us here. It’s like its the Waltons or something.

Anyways, I am still in half-blogging mode, so I may be slow getting restarted.


6 thoughts on “We’re Moving…Again UPDATE

  1. Good luck. We recently moved and might be doing so again soon.

    If you need extra duct tape for the move let me know, LOL. ;-)

  2. Many years ago (1977?) I heard a great old Bible conference speaker at Grace Baptist Church (Lancaster, PA). He was Clarence H. Didden (1911-2001, at that time Senior Pastor, Limerick Chapel, Limerick, PA), I remember one thing that he preached that day because it got my attention when he said, “I know what the Abomination of Desolation is!” Then he added, “It is moving!”, He followed up with an explanation that included how many times he and his wife had moved. I thought that you might appreciate this given you present distress! :-)

  3. Fred hope the move goes smoothly thanks for keeping the tweets going I couldn’t cope without my daily dose of sanctified sarcasm!

  4. 10 visitors? That’s a big overstatement if I ever heard someone say. More like you will see 1,000 visitors go to 900

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