Audio Recommendations

I thought I would shoot you all a couple of audio recommendations for this week if you are interested.

First up, even though the family and I have been in the process of uprooting our lives for the past few weeks to move into a new house, I still had the opportunity to preach on Mother’s Day Sunday. Topic was on the nature of saving faith in the apologetic encounter. You can download or listen here,

Saving Faith and Apologetics

Secondly, the fine chaps over at Domain of Truth alerted me to a lecture series Dr. William Barrick did for Central Seminary back in February of this year on the subject of Genesis. There is a lot of good stuff here to consider regarding how we are to read Genesis,

In the Beginning: Creation and Biblical Authority

Note at the bottom that the series is also downloadable as one podcast file. May make getting them all easier for you.


One thought on “Audio Recommendations

  1. Thanks for the hat tip. Do you know if Doulos ministry canceled their Sermon Audio account? I use to listen to Travis Allen on my Sermon Audio App on my phone.

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