FBT Updates

I had the opportunity to scan Dr. George Zemek’s doctoral thesis on apologetics and theology and make it available online.

Exegetical and Theological Bases For a Consistently Presuppositional Approach to Apologetics.

The file is large, so download may be a bit slow. Still, it is one of the best treatments of the subject of apologetic theology. You also have the benefit of reading the marginal notes of my friend from whom I obtained my copy.

Additionally, I added three apologetic oriented MP3s I think folks will find useful, or at least I hope they do.

First, I had the privilege of preaching on the subject of apologetic methodology.  Once last July and recently this past May. Both messages compliment each other, so if you are interested, please download and listen.  Shoot me an email and tell me what you think.

Building Our Personal Apologetic

Saving Faith and Apologetics

Lastly, I converted the Youtube version of Dr. James White and Dr. Richard Howe’s “student lounge” discussion about apologetics to MP3. The audio is not the best, but is certainly listenable.

Discussion on Theology and Apologetics

The discussion is two hours long, and you can maybe fast-forward the first 20 minutes or so past Dr. Howe’s testimony, but the meat of the interchange between these two men clearly outlines the distinct starting points of Classic-evidentialist apologetics from biblical, presuppositional apologetics. My hope is that Dr. White will take up Dr. Howe’s challenge and debate him on apologetic methodology, or perhaps do something more formal with him on the subject.

8 thoughts on “FBT Updates

  1. Scott Oliphint will be at this year’s apologetics conference, which is put on by SES. I have a feeling some kind of discussion will take place between Oliphint and Howe.

  2. Jeff,
    If you listen to the discussion, about 50 minutes into it, Howe mentions how he was grieved by Ken Ham’s presuppositionalist presentation defending Genesis and creation he gave at a church (Johnny Hunt’s church, btw). He was so grieved, Howe says, that he had to post a blog article about it. I respond to it here, https://hipandthigh.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/apologetic-dissonance/. He also responded to my rebuttal article with a follow up article to which I also respond here, https://hipandthigh.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/cults-hermeneutics-apologetics-and-philosophizing/

    At any rate, in his recounting of his grief with Ken Ham, he talks about the conference coming up and he suggests – at least this is what I took from his comment – that they are specifically wanting to address apologetic methodology and are planning a round-table public discussion with Oliphint and other presuppositionalists. I know another presuppositionalist taking part is Jason Lisle, who use to be at Answers in Genesis and is now at ICR. He has some presentations on presuppositionalism, as well as a book which I figure you may be familiar with, and he is supposed to be defending Ham’s approach. He doesn’t come at the subject probably in the same fashion Oliphint does, but the overall conversation ought to be interesting to hear.


  3. I haven’t listened to the MP3 yet, but hope to do so. Since I’m not far from where the conference will be held, I’m hoping to go.

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  5. Dear Brother Thank you so much for your blessed Teachings and is much strengthening me and sharing with our people in India. Evangelist Babu

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