Hip and Thigh Re-Runs

I’ve been blogging going on nine years now. I’ve compiled a number of posts on a variety of theological and apologetic subjects.

Some of that material was published back when I had like 20 visits a day, and so a number of newer readers missed them when they went live the first time.  Additionally, when I moved my blog from my old blogger format to my new wordpress format, many of the internal links remained pointed back to my blogger links.

So, with that in mind, I want to re-post some of what I consider my important blogs that I have published over the years. They are what I would consider my “evergreen” posts, because the subject matter remains timeless and they are still read even to this day.  It gives me the opportunity to expose them to fresh readership, as well as up-date all the hyperlinks and correct typos and spelling errors.

I plan to start with my KJV-Only material and then move on from there.


2 thoughts on “Hip and Thigh Re-Runs

  1. Yay! I’m one of those n00bs, so I greatly appreciate this. I’ll be ready with the Bible, popcorn, and drink.

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