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My friend Squirrel directed me recently to the audio of a Sovereign Grace Bible conference that was held in Mesquite, Texas, back in June of this year. (And, what sounds to be at a black church, which I thought was cool). The subject of the conference was prophecy and eschatology. Coming from a sovereign grace camp, one would expect the defensive position taken to be either amillennialism or postmillennialism. However, the conference was aimed at defending and making a case for Premillennialism.

Prophecy and Eschatology

I have only listened to the messages by pastor Jim McClarty, but all the ones he taught were quite outstanding. He gives a simple, laymen overview of all the particulars concerning the hermeneutics of interpreting prophecy and defending Revelation 20 as being a real, literal millennium of 1,000 earthly years.  It’s worth the time downloading and listening at your leisure. Those who wish to study this subject will benefit from them.


7 thoughts on “Eschatological Audio

  1. Thanks very kindly, Fred. I appreciate your encouraging words. And I agree with Jack Jeffery, you need to listen to David’s excellent teaching. In God’s good and sovereign providence, our prepared subjects fit together hand-in-glove.

    Thanks for your fellowship the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace.

    Jim Mc.

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