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Over the last few weeks as I have interacted with critics of Grace To You’s upcoming Strange Fire conference, one of the repeated charges is that cessationists like me, or those Christians who believe the spectacular, extraordinary signs and wonders gifts recorded in the NT documents ceased at the close of the apostolic age, are building our conviction upon experience, not biblical exegesis.

Now obviously, I think my experience is not only important, but is also a big part of my conviction. Because while it may be that in the backwaters of some valley in PNG, a Christian missionary healed a blind, tribal chieftain, the frequency of such occurrences, as well as the quality of the miracles themselves, are not present in our modern world in the fashion that Charismatics insist they are.

Needless to say, I understand the complaint by those of the “open, but cautious” persuasion. So I wanted to link to some online journal level articles arguing for a biblical perspective of cessationism.  I specifically chose those that were readily available online and can be read in pdf, which regrettably, is not a whole lot — at least concerning what I was looking for.

I have also included a link to a bibliography that was published in the 2003, fall edition of The Master’s Seminary journal compiled by the TMS librarian, Dennis Swansen, as well as a website hub that links to other available resources, including audio lessons and a few links to other hubs (btw, just for the shameless plug, the website links to my old study on the spiritual gifts).

Dennis Swanson’s Bibliography of Charismatic/Cessationism articles and books

Cessationism website

If you scan through Swanson’s bibliography, you will note that other sources are available, but you will have to locate them in a seminary library or through an online journal subscription based site like ATLA.

Additionally, and for the sake of balance, I’ll also link to the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary that maintains the Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies. I have been corresponding with Lyndon Unger, who some readers may recognize as Menn0knight, and he tells me APTS publishes well-researched and written articles attempting to defend Pentecostalism and spiritual gifts.

At any rate, here are the available resources defending cessationism. I didn’t arrange them, so they are in no particular order. Load up your Kindles and other tablet devices and have fun reading through the long weekend.

Cessationism in 1 Corinthians 13:8-12

Does God Still Give Revelation?

The Montanist Crisis: A Key to Refuting Third-wave Concepts of NT Prophecy

Cessationism, The “Gift of Healing,” and Divine Healing

1 Corinthians 13:8-13 and the Cessation of Spiritual Gifts

The Cessation of the Sign Gifts

Is the Gift of Prophecy For Today? [Four Parts: One, Two, Three, Four]

The Gift of Tongues: Comparing the Church Fathers with Contemporary Pentecostalism

Tongues: Are They For Today?

8 thoughts on “Resources on Cessationism

  1. One trait I have noticed about Steve is his love to make even the simplest concepts very foggy, ambiguous, very Haysee if you will. :-)

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