Menn0Knight’s Top 50 Churches Charismatic Super Primer

charismaticcrowdLyndon Unger, who blogs at his personal site Menn0knight, has done a yeoman’s job over the past few months of helping us folks here at Grace to You prepare for our Strange Fire conference which begins next week. He has primarily helped us with our research into various charismatic personalities and churches found within the movement.

A good bit of that research can be accessed in a series of on-line charismatic primers he has published at his blog reviewing and critiquing Outreach magazine’s top churches in America.  Some of the articles are short, but for the most part, as Lyndon states, they are not meant to be little “read this in ten minutes and be blessed the rest of the day” style posts you get over at the Gospel Coalition.  They are to serve as an excellent resource for those who want solid information about what makes a church “charismatic” or “continuationist,” as well as “cessationist,” and provides an overview of the main charismatic groups and churches currently found in the United States.

Obviously, a number of them are long; and in nearly each one, Lyndon links you to several external charismatic sites that will illustrate in mouth-dropping horror the insanity that is found in these churches that is passed off as spirit-filled signs and wonders Christianity. You know, the kind of stuff that is propped up by the so-called “scholarly” authors like Keener, Grudem, and Carson. Other links are to resources that will take you deeper into the study of many of the key leaders.

If any thing, at least work your way through the the first post on the New Apostolic Reformation. That movement is having more deleterious impact upon Christian churches, especially the youth culture, than any of the other charismatic groups around today.

So with that in mind, here’s Menn0knight’s top 50 Churches Charismatic Super Primer

The New Apostolic Reformation
The Outreach Top 50: #1-5
The Outreach Top 50: #6-10
The Outreach Top 50: #11-15
The Outreach Top 50: #16-20
The Outreach Top 50: #21-25
The Outreach Top 50: #26-30
The Outreach Top 50: #31-35
The Outreach Top 50: #36-40
The Outreach Top 50: #41-45
The Outreach Top 50 #46-50


7 thoughts on “Menn0Knight’s Top 50 Churches Charismatic Super Primer

  1. I wish I could attend the Strange Fire conference. Oh well. I’ve mentioned here in the past that the first church I attended as a new Christian was a charismatic Presbyterian Church in southern California (I know, go figure that one out). I was into in for a while until I noticed that what charismatics called the “gift of tongues” had little resemblance to what I saw in the New Testament. It wasn’t long before I became a cessationist. I believe that God can bring it back if he needs it, but what they’re peddling nowadays ain’t it. My two cents.

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